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Need Help to Taper Off Clomid

I’m a (38M) that by some stupid reason decided do try ostarine. (I know)
Felt supressed from 10mg ED on the 3rd week. Stopped cold turkey.

Waited 3 weeks got the bloodword, and was really supressed, Free test went from 12-5, Total went from 556-250. FSH 11,91, LH 4, PRL 4,64, Estradiol >15

Was having panic attacks from the low levels and decided to go to the doctor.

My urologist recomended Clomid 25mg ED for 4 weeks. I’m in the middle of the thir week fully recovered, no symptoms of low T.

Made some bloodwoork after 1,5 week and my numbers were: Total Test: 410, Free Test 8, Estradiol: still > 15.

I’m now on the 3rd week of PCT, feeling fully recovered.

Now I’ve read many of KSman’s threads, and came to the realization that just stopping in the 4th week will lead me to a ressupression 1-2 months after stopping the PCT.

How should I taper off?