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Need Help to Lose Love Handles

I’m new to all this weightlifting stuff, i have been doing it for about a year and have lost the weight i have wanted to and gained a lot of muscle i have wanted… only problem is i cant seem to shake the love handles, i am willing to take any advice anyone has to give me on this… please help,

Can someone help me out on some sort of diet to shape up your abs and the rest of your body… i currently do around 20 minutes a day of cardio and work out for 30-45 minutes immediately following my cardio

1–fat loss is all about nutrition.
2–love handles are the last fat that goes.


really clean up the diet and if that has been your workout for sometime, it’s time to shake it up.

Run faster or run longer

Lift heavier weights for less reps or less weights for more reps. Try supersetting opposing muscle groups. lessen rest periods between sets.

There exists many combinations of workouts. Change it up every 3-6 weeks. Keep it fresh.

One last time–it’s alll about nutrition/diet at this point. It’s been said here before. You can’t train hard enough or long enough to make up for a poor diet. Especially with your goals.

man i appreciate it… i guess i need to just get really head set on a diet…

[quote]stewart76 wrote:
man i appreciate it… i guess i need to just get really head set on a diet…[/quote]

Look up and read about the
T-Dawg diet. It’s a hybrid atkins type ‘diet’ that you can really use over the long haul. You limit some carbs and portion them out at appropriate times and concentrate on protein and fats for the bulk of your calories.

It’s not overly restrictive, yet combined with sound exercise plan, you will see results in a short time. It’s really a nutritional plan as opposed to a ‘diet.’

There are more restrictive plans that may show quicker results, but there is always the potential for fat gain after coming off these plans.

Anywho–I think T-Dawg is a great plan. As you reach goals and really understand how your particular body responds to certain foods and macronutrients, you can then adjust accordingly to the short term goal you are trying to achieve.

Godd luck

drink less beer :wink: