Need Help to Get Back in Shape, Please CT

dear ct

plz i stooped training 7 months ago because of golfer elbow and now am doing good and i will stsrt training again.
i gained about 20 kg of fat i was 87 kg and now am 108 kg i lost my strength and shape and performance .
so first i wand your advises to me to return my fitness my shape my strength mu muscle mass while losing my fat ?
i plan some thing and i want to take your opinion too.

training plan
i will follow you natural lifter plan but i did add some things:
1- i add some Olympic lifts variation 6* 3-5 reps explosive before doing the program workout .
2 - i add 15 minutes of conditioning ( loaded carries - Olympic lifts variations - sprints - ab exercises - swings… )

i walk every day about half hours speed walk .

nutrition plan
i take about 2-3 gm of protein per kg of body wight - 1 gm of fat per kg - 1.5 gm of crab per kg of body wight . 5 to 6 meals / day carp basically first pre and post workout meals .
i may feast the rest day like 5/2 feast style .
2 scoops of protein shake pre and post workout .
omega 3 and multivitamin supplmints .
all my crab from (oats - rice - veggies at every meal - fruits specially morning and post workout ) .
no sugar and minimize salt as i can .
bicarbonate sod. 15 gm two times a day .

so plz i want you to give me your opinion and advises .
and thank you for your time sir

any help here