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Need Help! Tender Testes


Guys, went into first cycle on good friends bad advice. Started with one of these TRT replacement places . My
Test levels were 500ish, I'm 38. Clinic gave me 200mg of test cyp weekly. Felt good first two weeks, nipples got a bit
Firm and more noticeable, no pain, week 3 I got substantial fatigue late in day! Strength good, erections great and middle
Of the night week 1 and 2.

I admit I know enough to be dangerous, but I have spent countless hours reading and
Educating myself over last week. My week 4 injection I asked for 150mg to hopefully let down/taper off and quit, my
Week 5 injection was yesterday, 130mg, started a 250iu hcg and .5 armidex Eod as I assume my estrogen is sky
High!! My testes were tender for 4 straight days this week (assume shutdown), ejaculte thick, no velocity.

Here is where I need help.

I am 5 weeks in, did my labs Monday to see where e2 is, should I run a 12 week cycle? I was is Istanbul, Turkey and
Picked up Primobolan, I read one post that said Primo at 400mg a week at mid cycle might be a good taper off program
That might allow me some lean gains that I can keep. Should I run a test base of like 100mg or less a week with primo and Dex?

Overall, should have ever jumped into this without researching more, plenty of opinions on this site, hard to
Figure put what is factual and /or opinion!!

I want to get off properly, seems like half of guys prefer PCT with clomid, etc, other half try simple taper off?

Any help sure appreciated!!!! Thanks guys..


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Dude your TT was in the 500's before you started TRT. I am all for treating symptoms and not labwork, but unless your SHBG was eating up all your T, leaving your Free T in the shitter, you absolutely did not need more testosterone!!!! You have basically found a steroid dealing clinic, that I'm sure probably charges you a hefty premium for their "services".

But do not be dislliusioned--the service they are offering does not have your best interests at heart, only their pocketbooks.

You need to find yourself a good doc to get your issues sorted. It is likely hormonal, but with TT=500, it almost certainly is not testosterone.

Doing a cycle right now is rather stupid, IMO. But its your health.