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Need Help, Swapping Esters?


Hey so my gym bag was stolen out of the back of my mates car inside was my last vial of test e I have ordered another one from my brother but he said he cant get it to me until next week. Here is my problem my next pin is tomoro night(Friday night) then after that next one Tuesday morning I'm hoping I should have the vial bye Wednesday.

I do how ever have a mate who can give me a vial of test prop 100mg/ml 5ml. Soo would it be better for me to just miss one MAYBE two pins or should I use the prop untill I get my test e. I'm not sure how to go about swapping esters to prop then swapping back to enanthate.


personally I'd just miss the pins then do a frontload when I got my test E again


Depends I go a full week between injections any ways so I doubt you will really have a problem.


Cool ill just miss the next couple pins. I front load the amount that I have missed yeah?


Yea whatever amount you missed just make up for it in the next pin. If you're prone to sides I'd add half the amount you missed cause the extra large spike can cause some unwanted sides for some. I tend to breakout when I front load test and have a buddy that looks like zombie when he front loads Tren E. Good luck man



I cant get anymore test e so I have decided im gonna swap to prop and taper down over the next week it will mean ending my cycle week 8 rather then 12 but I'm completely happy with the results iv got so far I responded really well to the drugs got some good experience made some hard gains strength rocketed up. Id say even though some thieving fucker forced me to end early id say it has been a very successful first cycle. Question how soon should I pct, 2 days after last pin of prop?



2 days doesn't matter too much, IMO... i think if you were running a gram of test e and wanted to do PCT right away, you'd see some problems. but here you could prolly transition into PCT right away and not see any negatives...


^ btw, what's you plan for PCT?


Gonna run nolva 40 40 20 20. Going to jump back on in 1/2 months after pct