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Need Help-Strength But No Mass

hey im a junior in high school im 6 foot and i weight 147. needless to say im really skinny. im a wrestler so i have strength but no mass. im planning on doing footbal next year so i need to bulk up like crazy. i bought the weightgainer 2200 gold and im starting a workout routine but heres the problem. i dont know when to use the protein and what would be the best workout routein to build up in size and strength fast. please help me out. and if you have any other suggestions besides the ones im asking for feel free to to tell me

Wow guy stick to the basics. Train hard, eat a ton, and get plenty of rest. That’s all it really takes. You don’t need to follow some gold-plated plan to make serious gains, it just takes time, dedication, and knowledge. One of those you can get by reading this site.

As for your weight-gainer, I would say a couple times a day is sufficient. I would take it before your workout, followed by a good PWO drike, i.e. Surge. Then possibly before bed if it has good protein in it.

Definitely eat as much as you can and as often as you can

Jesus Christ, why don’t you try reading some articles and using the SEARCH. Do some research damnit. You’ll learn some in the process.

Go on this site, pick any 5 articles on diet and any 5 articles on workouts. READ THEM. Get back to us with a list of the 10 articles you read. By then you will know a tonne of stuff, no matter what 10 articles you pick.

If you can’t do this then you are going to stay a skinny idiot because you are lazy and when you try out for football they will pound you into the ground. That is what happens to lazy ass bums.

If you DO do this, then you are a smart young fellow who is on his way to achieve any goals you want to achieve, not just in sports but in anything in life.

You think I am kidding? I am not.

[quote]Konstantine wrote:
Definitely eat as much as you can and as often as you can[/quote]
what he said: rinse and repeat

OK, so who else had this thought pop into their head when they first read this thread?

Also, I’d look into JB’s book Scrawny to Brawny: