Need help starting up again

I work in the oil field on call 24/7. i used to train daily but with my schedule now at days i cant seem to kick start my programs anymore. so what im looking for is advice on programs and supplments to get me started again. used to play and train for college football. i stand at 6’7 lifts used to be powerclean 250 front squat 280 deadlift 405 bench 315. that was 1 1/2 ago.

With your unpredictable schedule I’d say doing 531 would be a great way to start getting at it again. You could fit it into just 2 days a week if you wanted too, or 4 days if you have a slow week. Its pretty adaptable. You could use the boring but big template for a while to get acquainted with the movements again.

Heres a link to the e-book.