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Need Help Starting Out

Well hello there, my name is Dante and I’m 16. My goal is to have a nice fit body (not going for the huge bulky look yet) by the time summer comes. So far I’ve started going to the gym 3 times a week, my instructor told me to start slowly since I’m a beginner and also young.

I’ll start going 4 times a week once my muscles start getting used to working out. I wanted to know if you guys could help me by giving me some kind of tips so I can try my best during these 4-5 months. I’ll post a picture of my body so you guys will have a better idea of what should I do.

whether you’re looking for the lean, fit physique model/Hollywood look or the huge Mr. Olympia look, the path you take is the same… success in physique transformation comes with consistency and intensity in both training AND eating. the difference with going for a smaller physique is that you stop pursuing a bigger physique sooner than if you wanted a Mr. O physique.

train as hard as you can to progress as often as possible in the gym, whether it be more reps, more weight, less rest, more speed, better feel, or any combination of these factors. DON’T MISS TRAINING SESSIONS if you can help it. the list of legit excuses to miss a session is pretty short.

eat as much as needed to keep progressing. DON’T MISS A MEAL if you can help it. with all the shakes, protein bars and different ways of preparing and packaging food, the list of excuses for missing a meal is pretty short.

follow any intelligent, well-designed program from the stickies here or the other boards, 531, WS4SB, WHATEVER as long as YOU didnt design it. you can make smal tweaks to an established program to better fit your needs, but often when beginners design their own programs, they’re basically tripping themselves up, either by missing a particular movement or muscle group, or by arranging lifts in such a way that they don’t recover enough from one training session to the next.

Thanks, I’ll definitely keep those in mind. What kind of food would you suggest? I usually eat fast food like once a day 3 times a week and I eat a lot of meat on a daily basis. I should start eating less fast food obviously but are there any pills or special recipe to help me with my training?

sounds like you need a lot of education on food as well.

here’s a good, simple start:

meat: any lean, unprocessed meat of your choice will do.
veggies: eat as much fresh vegetables as you can stomach. generally, the more colorful your plate. the better.
carbs: try to limit white/refined carbs like white rice to immediately post workout, otherwise stick to unrefined starchy carbs. you can’t really go wrong by making white/brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and breads as your staple carbs.

generally speaking, if there is an ingredients list and you can’t pronounce the ingredients or don’t know what they are, avoid that food (which is probably packaged and heavily processed).

Thanks a lot, this really helped.


feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

stay consistent with your training and diet. keep us updated of your progress.

Training: stick to the basics, check out starting strenght or any other program focused on heavy barbell movements.

Nutrition: there are two ways you can go about it, by instinct or by scale. Regardless of the approach stick to REAL food, don’t cheat and be consistent. Make sure not to gain more than 1.5 lbs for the first 6 months and no more than 1 lb after that, you would otherwise accumulate fat.

finally be PATIENT, you’re not going to reach your goal overnight.