Need Help Starting FIRST Cycle

Hello, I need some help understanding how to cycle my first time. I am starting a 12 week cycle.
Weeks 1-2 test p (as kickstarter) and weeks 1_12 test E
I was thinking 150mg test p every other day for 2 weeks. And 250mg twice a week for testE. Also I was going to use nolvadex as a pct?

But do not know how much to take or how often or if I should be taking something else rather than nolva, ive heard nolve will prevent gyno if you are seeing symptoms occur and is usable as a pct for 4 weeks after you are done with yiur cycle? If any of you could give me some educated answers on what I am doing wrong or what I should be doing than It would be very appreciated!

Not to many people will help you out with out you posting your stats man.

Do more reading then come back, the info is out there…literally everywhere it seems

My stats are
Height: 6’3
Weight: 220lbs
Bench: 400

Buddy who is trying same cycle
Height: 5’8
Weight: 208
Bench: 475
Squat: 550

I have done research everywhere and its allot to understand when there are soo many different articles saying different stuff. Does it look like my cycle is okay to run though ?

So my stats change how my cycle should look?

Ive done allot of research was wondering if someone more experienced than me would be able to give me advice on what pcts to take and if my cycle looks okay

Nope but your age and how long you have been lifting decide what the proper advice you get is. It’s like ELS said. There is info every where out there. It’s all this website to.

if you click on pharma and steroids that’s the first link