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Need Help Stabilizing Oestradiol Levels

Please can someone help me with my oestradiol levels, I am on Clomiphene 25mg twice a week (small dosage but it has boosted my test a lot as you can see). My doctor for the life of him cannot stabilise my oestradiol levels, it’s physically and mentally painful going from high to low and vice versa (I experience many mental health symptoms when oestradiol gets too high, and a couple of symptoms when oestradiol get’s too low such as extreme tiredness).

He puts me on 0.25mg Arimidex 3 times a week when my e2 is too high, eventually this brings my levels too low. When it is too low he puts me on 0.25mg Arimidex once a week, and this makes my levels go up too much. How long shall I wait to go to twice week? Or does anyone have an idea how else I can manage this? My SHBG has dropped the only thing I have changed is adding Zinc 25mg a day.

Ok so take .25mg 2x weekly instead of 3x

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