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Need Help! Sore Right Nipple

Im 22 I’m 4 weeks into my first test e cycle, currently doing 250mgx2 a week, with Arimidex EOD 0.25mg and 100iu of hcg daily, today i noticed my right nipple was sore, not my nipple itself but just under to the side it’s sore and can feel a tiny lump, I release this could be the first sign of gyno, if so how much nolva should I take? And for how long?

I would start your Nolva @ 10mg ED and see if it gets better. If nothing changes, bump it to 20mg after a week.

nolva isn’t gonna work with A-dex. they have a drug interaction that makes them both less effective…

either bump up your A-dex dose, or add in raloxifene (60 mg/day).