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Need Help, Sore Pain in Left Nipple

Last Friday my estrogen was 7.8 the guides in the labs are 7.6 - 42 on Sunday I injected 50mg of test subq in my tigh right now I’m experiencing intense pain in my leg nipple when I press I feel a burning sensation. I have some Arimidex at hand but I don’t know if my estrogen has shot up so high with a 50mg of test subq! Any advice is that even possible even if I was a hyper aromatizar which idont know if I am. I do 50mg subq twice weekly.

It’s difficult to advise without lab testing, without SHBG you are kind of walking in dark unable to see where you are going and if you are on the right track. If SHBG were <15 it’s more than likely none of these protocols you’ve been on are going to work.

It sounds like you are extremely sensitive estrogen, so I doubt these moderate dosages are going to show good results. I have done 50mg twice weekly and have high BF percentage and never had estrogen sides.

SQ did cause me insane estrogen sides that IM never did, it also sounds like SQ isn’t for you.

I was doing I’m injections at first never experience this before. I switched to subq and a month n half after I started getting this. Could’ve it be in sensitive to estrogen? What symptoms did you get from injecting subq?

A 10mg injection produced what I believe to be an estrogen surge, I was in a mental stupor for hours. I was useless for hours, I’m more useful on 64 fluid ounces of vodka and a big joint.

Yeah kinda how I feel, so would it be a bad idea to take a 1/4 of 1mg Arimidex or should I ride it out and start I’m next shot