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Need Help Setting Up My Tren Cycle


This was my plan
About 300mg/wk testosterone propionate 100mg eod weeks 1-10
Trenbolone Acetate about 100 mg/wk 33mg eod
Weeks 1-10
Anadrol 25mg/day weeks 1-6
Aromasin 12.5mg eod or as needed I have had to increase in other cycles.
As well as blockade cycle support and tudca
Clomid and Nolvadex and 5a-laxogenin
I would add in HCG last two weeks before pct if I can find it, proving difficult.
I guess my main question is I know you can use other supplements with trenbolone to combat prolactin and the tren cough should I include them with this dosing?


I have some Anadrol, i havent used it yet but im planing to. Why did you choose 25mg and not 50mg? are you going to ramp up? everywhere and everyone i spoke to said dont go over 4 weeks and there may be synergy with winstrol. Have you tried it before?
also caber or pramie?


I am going with a smaller dose than average because I would like to add to my lean muscle gains without blowing up. I have also read tren and winstrol go well together but me and winny don’t get along for some reason I got night sweats bad, like I almost thought I wet the bed sweat. At 50mg a day or 25 lol didn’t matter. Gave the bottle to a buddy he loved it. Anyway I am choosing anadrol because from what I understand it works without using adrogen receptors leaving those open for other compounds. Hence the tren. This is my theory correct me if i’m wrong. I haver heard caper a few times so I will see if I can track down some of that. From what I read doses of anadrol can range pretty high with most of the gains seen in the first three weeks but I figured I could get away with 6weeks with my low dose. I may even bump to 50mg depending how I feel. But I more just want it to work in synergy with the tren and test and get some leanish gains lol


That dose of Tren is extremely low. I myself have run a Trinity stack for definition with tren e at 200 mgs a week. Depending on which time I ran that I have run it with either masteron or DHB. I honestly do not know if it is worth running tren as low as 100 mgs a week. Just something to think about.

Anadrol has known progestenic activity, I would be careful mixing it with tren at any dose. I myself have always run 600 mgs of vitamin b6 a day when I use tren. I live on the border and can get across to the pharmacies at a moments notice if I need prami, caper, or bromocriptine. The b6 is supposed to help keep the side effects of Tren in check. I forget if it lowers progesterone or prolactin.

I feel at a loss trying to chime in on your cycle because you left out your stats and goals. So how tall are you? What are your weight, body fat, cycle history, and goals looking like?

I am not trying to be a dick I just cannot figure your cycle out. You have anadrol which is known for lots of water weight but then it is run with test prop and very low tren Ace, both of which seem to live in the cutting cycles.

You mentioned your choices were based on not wanting to much competition for the androgen receptors. You have pretty low doses so depending on cycle history you might be making a mountain out of a molehill.


I guess I should also add I did try to bulk when I was in my early twenties. Followed p90x workout three rounds Hit a wall at 165 pounds and never gained a pound my last three month regime I switched goals and gradually dropped over years of over working and training for endurance rather than size. I have a hell of a time gaining weight. I’m pretty sure the only reason the tbol took me to 165 was already that size before.


I want to keep tren low as it would be my first time running it. I am trying to bulk, but not get a whole bunch of gains I’m going to lose post cycle. I guess a little about my history: I have been training for about 7 yrs. Early on I was concerned with keeping bf as low as possible but being toned I liked out lifting bigger guys it made me feel good. I was a machine at work. But I was tired of being that skinny guy. So I started eating even more (which is a lot when your an ectomorph) i was consuming nearly 5000 cal a day nothing happened my body’s metabolism just dealt with it to my dismay. I talked to the doctor they said not to worry about gaining weight I was in great shape just eat healthy. I was 6’2" 145lb at about 6% body just a pile of muscle and bones. Not sure why I liked that in my younger years. (I guess back then it got me laid) so that brings me to cycles.
Ran my first tbol and natural test booster cycle for 6 weeks and blew up like crazy grew to 165 e shrunk back to 160 on an winstrol anavar cycle, tried another tbol cycle and gained 5pounds . Maintained that for a while and then started a test base cycle which I’m just finishing up now. I am on my 10th week of a test 400 blend I plateaued at 169 at week 7 so I threw in dianabol to punch through my plateau i’m on my second week of dbol right now weighed in @173 this morning so its working but I’ve had to increase aromasin a shit ton.
So as you can see I’m still learning. I am probably going to try every compound at least once throughout my life to see how they work with me. My main goals try to raise lbm . I would like to stay below 15% I am 12% right now so thats doubled but I also have gained nearly 30lb from my 6% days. I am also looking to do this for the rest of my life so i’m open to any cycle advice. I have tried to research as much about different compounds as I can but I mean really we are our own guinea pigs in this business as it seems every resonds different to different compounds. That is good info about the anadrol I don’t want two prolactin stimulating compounds at once. Like I said i’m setting up for my next cycle. It won’t be for a few months I just wanted to learn as much as I can.


Tren is not known as a great bulker. Yes, disclaimer, you can bulk (or cut) on any steroid if your diet and training are proper. But that’s a fairly low dosage, so bulking on that is going to be harder than it would be on something else. I’m all for lower, more conservative doses, btw. I like your attitude of caution and safety. But I’m afraid you may be disappointed with the results. Then again maybe not. Maybe you respond well to it and it gives you exactly what you want. Hard to armchair quarterback this stuff when it’s highly individualized.

That being said, I do not know that I agree with the addition of the Anadrol into this plan. That particular drug is a minefield of side effects, some of them dangerous. The high BP thing scares the shit out of me. It’s also really, really hepatotoxic. I’d read up on it a lot more before you pull the trigger on that one. Just my 2¢.


Thank you thats good info on the anadrol. And tren dosing. I know its ultra conservative to be honestttr scares me not sure why. Probably will save that cycle for a later date. Maybe run a Test Prop NPP cycle or test 400 nandrolone deca cycle


That is low, I ran my first Tren cycle and started at 50mg a day and by the end of the second week I was at 100mg/day before sides got to bad. Are you sure the Winny caused night sweats and not the tren? Tren will cause night sweats as well.

I am not sure you will get much out of 100mg/week but honestly if its your first Tren cycle then starting low and using Tren A is the right choice but if the sides arent bad I wouldnt be afraid to raise it. After my first cycle of Tren A I started using Tren E. I wasnt a fan of pinning everyday.


Ya it was the winny, anavar does it too at high doses. I think i’m just sensitive to winstrol. I have never done trenbolone I just heard it was good for lean gains. I don’t want a lot of water weight .


Good for you for doing your homework and being smart about your choices.
Any cycle you do should have a very clear goal. so if your goal is gaining lean mass
maybe a cycle like
Tren E 300mg a week
Test E-500-750 a week
EQ -400-600 a week
nolvadex -20mg a day
hcg 250i,u twice a week
if you want to add an Oral then the synergy between Tren and Dbol is AMAZING lots of strength and size gains

Tren A at less then 275-300mg a week is not worth using for gaining or at all for my opinion you will still get the sides but not a result that you will be happy with.

Anadrol is a hard drug and most orals are a better option then drol for your goals.

lmk if you have any more questions


My ugl has a tnt 400 blend 150mg tren e and 250mg test e per ml i’ve been contemplating trying. Twice a week 1ml injections should be okay with that hey? I’ll throw in some dbol too.
I would like to try eq but I haven’t tried it yet so I’ll probably add that next round. I don’t want two untried compounds in one cycle. Thanks for the information. Now to track down some hcg and caber.


Yes, that should work fine as long as your UGL is a decent source and not fn around the dosing/compounds. Yes and HCG and Caber are a must BEFORE starting the cycle. Good luck and post some progress pics and updates, and I’ll help as much as I can.