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Need Help Setting Up My Schedule

I have an internship starting next week. The only days I’m available to lift are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I’m trying to put together a schedule so I can hit all my goals throughout the week. I would like to hit the following each week:

1.) Heavy squats
2.) Heavy bench
3.) Deadlifts
4.) Dynamic/Hypertrophy squats
5.) Dynamic/hypertrophy bench
6.) Chest (Incline Bench)
7.) Shoulders (Military Press, db raises)
8.) Upperback/Lats (Pullups, BB Rows)
9.) Triceps (CG Bench, Dips)
10.) Biceps (BB curls, chins)
11.) Low back/Hamstrings (good mornings/leg curls)

I would regard myself as a powerlifter. My goal is to simply to get stronger and build more mass. I sort of had this in mind…

Monday- Heavy Bench, Hyper/Dyn Squat, Military Press

Wednesday- Deadlift, Pullups/Chins, BB Rows

Friday- Heavy Squat, Hyper/Dyn Bench, Good Mornings, Leg Curls

Saturday- DB Shoulder Press, Raises, CG Bench, Dips, BB Curls

This is the only thing I can come up with, unless I jam everything into 3 days. I’m just kind of lost. Maybe someone has an idea that I’m not seeing? Help would be greatly appreciated!

Prioritize and organize your lifts. Divide them into specific (your main lifts) general-specific (variations of your main lifts, and the like) and general (basic work for general assistance).

I like to organize my training like this:

Main lift
Assistance work
Accessory work

So, if this were a squat day:

Small muscle groups (calves, neck work, etc)

If I’m doing two lifts a day:

Dynamic/light bench
Heavy squat
Small muscle groups

Just remember that you want your workout to go from:

specific to general

heavy to light (with the exception of true dynamic work, in which case do this first, always)

compound to isolation

Here is a article I think you will find helpful:

Four days is definitely enough to work with. There are tons of programs (5/3/1, Juggernaut Method, and the four main Westside days [ME/DE upper/lower] come to mind) that are all built around four lifting days.