Need Help Setting Plan Up

Been an avid reader, but finally decided to post.

Here it is. I read this Dan John article:

Decided this is the best way for me to train. I can for sure get to the gym on 2 weekdays and can only get in for a small window on saturday morning.

How does this look?

powerclean 5x3
squat 5/3/1 + fsl
bench press 5/3/1 + fsl
rows 5x10
*brief arm work & core

powerclean 5x3
front squat 5/3/1 + fsl
overhead press 5/3/1 + fsl
pull ups 5x10
*brief arm work & core

back squat 5x10
deadlift 5/3/1
ghr 3xF + band pull aparts 4x25

Lower body seems to have enough volume. Upper body seems to have way more pressing than pulling with the fsl sets. Should I increase the pulling or would this be balanced?

I’ve never worked out like this which is basically a 2 day workout with just 1 lift on a 3rd day. Is this enough work to get results? I mean it is Dan John and I know what he is talking about, but wanted to get feedback from the forums.

it’s quite easy to sneak some pulling volume in if you’re crafty. Add it in to your arm work/core work. It only needs to be something simple like band pull-aparts or face pulls.

Can do it between sets of lower body stuff too. Like on your Saturday for example you could do face pulls between sets of GHR.

Thank you! I wasn’t even thinking of those pulls. Band pull aparts would be the easiest to sneak in for me. How do you think the rest of the plan looks?

Good plan, should work well.

yeah just need one rear delt move and you’re dandy, could also do the rows for high reps 5x20 etc every few weeks

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yeah I think it all looks good, mate.

I second Badger’s recommendation for a rear delt move. I would actually have a lateral delt move in there too but you’re probably not as bodybuilding focussed as I am.

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On my saturday, should I do the 5x10 back squats, or should I do 3x5+ (meaning 3 sets of 5, but on the last set try to push it to over 10?).

My main goal in 2017 is to get to a 315lb back squat. I feel if I can get a 315, that will take care of a lot of things lol.