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Need Help Scheduling: MMA, Cardio, Weights


I’ve tried working this out a hundred times and I just can’t seem to land on something.

Here are my training variables:

  • MMA: Mon, Wed, Fri evening.
    Some of these sessions are technical and not too intense, some days we spar and grapple so it’s fuckin brutal.
  • Weights: Jacked Athlete 31 (4 days)
  • Cardio: 60-90 min @120-130 bmp (3 days)

Can you please help me out? When should I schedule my lifting and cardio sessions so that I have the most amount of recovery possible and am able to give 100% to all of my training.

Which days should be 2 a days and in what order?

Heres my 2 iterations

Pro: get a couple of active recovery days
Con: AM weight training could impact MMA training

Mon - AM Weights, PM MMA

Tue - AM Cardio (recovery day)

Wed - AM Weights, PM MMA

Thu - AM cardio (recovery day)

Fri - AM Weights, PM MMA

Sat - AM Cardio, MMA private session (1hr, more technical)

Sun - AM Weights

pro: fresh for MMA training
con: after PM MMA there is 9 hrs before AM weights so weight training could suffer a bit.

Mon - AM Cardio, PM MMA

Tue - AM Weights

Wed - AM Cardio, PM MMA

Thu - AM Weights

Fri - AM Cardo, PM MMA

Sat - AM Weights, MMA private session (1hr, more technical)

Sun - AM Weights

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