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Need Help, Right Side Smaller


I'm 47 and have been working out for a few years....Since a early age I was a runner so my workouts were mostly cardio type....running, treadmill, elliptical, bicycle etc. In middle school I had a shoulder problem and after two operations before I was finished growing, my right humurus is about 1 inch shorter than the left.

The last few years I've been weight training and in the past year I started to get serious about putting on more muscle and gaining strength. As I've progressed the difference in my right side to my left side is more noticeable.

Specifically: The right bicep and tricep muscles are shorter that the left and aren't as big I don't think they are getting the same amount of work. My right pec is a little smaller than my left. And my right lat is smaller.

Everything else seems ok. The differences aren't huge and not really noticeable in clothing but I can see the difference and want to correct it as much as possible.

Last year I started with a muscle overload type of program. Doing a 4 day schedule (MTTF)
Then I went to a 3 day doing full body workouts (MWF) progressively increasing weights.
Now I'm doing a 5X5 doing M - Squat, Bench, Row. W - Squat, Seated shoulder press, Deadlift.
F - Squat, Bench, Row. I also do some extra core work on MW and bicep tricep on F.

I really like the 5X5 and am seeing gains in size and strength but am also seeing more size differences in right side to left side.

What can I do to build my right side up more? I don't want to give up on the 5X5 but if I have to for a while that's ok too.

My thoughts are to do upper body exercises with dumbells and perhaps extra sets with the right side but I'd like your opinion on what I should do.


I guess I would focus on dumbbells, yeah.

Not so much 'more with the weak side' (don't want to over-train it or injure it) but more letting your weak side be your limit. Only let your strong side do what your weak side did. That should bring it up quick.


Uh... Is the short side weak? I swears my squat would go up if my femurs were slightly shorter, you see...


Short side is not weak. Just smaller. Not a lot but noticeable. It's never going to be the same size as my left side but I think it should be a little closer than it is.


The short side is not weak......just a little weaker than the left side. It's just smaller....the length of the bicep and tricep. It's not alot smaller but noticeable. It's going to always be smaller but I think it should be bigger than it is.