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Need Help Regarding my Lagging Legs and Calves


Guys my legs and calves one of the worst genetics I ever had and I did a lot squats with quiet heavy and higher rep ranges like 20,18,16,14,12,10 reps as one of the routines too. As my research, when I do few workouts but heavy it bulks but when I do a lot workouts for the legs it does not bulks even when caloric surplus. My legs measurement right now 22 inches both side whereas my calves 14 inch only. I did two cycles but still it’s lack the size. Can you guys guide me. How do I build lean mass for my legs and calves in best way. Please suggest me some workout routines and skills to attempt my lagging muscle to grow.
You can take a look at legs below at the images.
Then I decided to split like this as routine. Types of squad will be add according to the leg muscle group on particular day.
Quads and calves on Monday
Hams, buttocks and calves Wednesday
Quads and calves on Friday
As a routine for bulking. Im willing to do a lot and focus more for my legs too. I don’t my efforts go unvain. I will be praised from the Lord if u would help me :slight_smile:
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/9/9/99873f114ea08c302a1af3960a1a617a31665d0d.jpg"


Its not your legs, it’s your attitude and self image.

Your posting history says everything.


Self-image and attitude? Can u be more of a specific?


You are worried about your serratus and rib cage.

You are worried about you upper traps.

You are worried about your sleep. Heck, you are worried about the definition of breakfast.

You are worried about putting any fat on while growing (notice I did not say bulk).

I didn’t even touch the test question.

You need to stop worrying about useless shit and start to grow. Look at the big picture and stop worrying about small things.

Get on a good program for your goals, eat to grow, get some sleep.

You are picking yourself apart and all you see is your own perception of not big enough, but I don’t want to get fat mentality.


Gain mass by training wise, eating big and be happy with the fact that you have the privilege of access to caloric surplus and nice air conditioned, staffed and equipped training facilities. Adolescent girls were happier by having functional bodies (Abbot and Barber, 2011), you’re no adolescent girl but be happy that you’re healthy and can make progress. Nit picking at yourself will only lead to poor mental health and trust me when I say this, its a near impossible hole to get of