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Need Help Regarding My First Test E Cycle

Hey lads, just wondering if any of you could help me with sorting out my first cycle. I’m going to be getting Test E and was wondering what dosages I should be doing and what post cycle therapy I will need to purchase, I have been lifting for 3 years and want to take the leap due to competing but have no clue on if test e is a good starting cycle and what PCT I should be taking, if someone would be able to give me a plan to follow / what PCT I’ll need, it would help heaps. Cheers boys!

A quick search would reveal thousands of new cycle threads…

Here is one posted at the same time as this…

500mg Test E split with 2 pins per week. 0.5mg adex on cycle. 250iu HCG 3 x per week on cycle. 2 week break after last pin start PCT. 20mg Nolvadex ED for 8 weeks.

Check my reply to that post too.

Is is 100% necessary that I need to run HCG at all andy? Bit of a dweeb question but what are it’s main purposes / what would happen if I didn’t take theM

HCG mimiks LH.

This means if you take HCG during a cycle your body continues to try and produce natural testosterone instead of being completley shut down.

This means come PCT time it is easier and better to get back to normal levels.

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