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Need Help Regarding Deadlift

Hello all, I am a newbie weightlifter and recently took a video of my deadlift and realized that my bar path doesn’t look straight as is advised on most youtube videos, also it looks like my butt goes way down during the descent, is it normal ? I wanted you guys’ help to figure out if I have other problems too with my deadlift and what I can do to fix these problems and remain uninjured.

the video looks fine. you’re not using enough weight for any form breakdown to occur, so it’s really not possible to judge much from the video.

At the very least, if this is as heavy as you’re going relative to your capacity, then you won’t hurt yourself. This is very conservative, you’ll be safe.

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Are you lifting in jeans???

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@flipcollar thanks for your feedback, I’ll probably update in a few weeks with bigger weights.

@isdatnutty haha no that lower just looks like one.

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