Need Help: Recrystalization

Hey guys,
i have a bottle of Test Prop here and there was a large chunk that recrystalized. What do I do?? I heard you can cook it but I don’t know what temp. because if you over cook it, it will diminish the dosage. Should I contact my dealer and see if I can get a new bottle or does anyone know what temp i can cook it at?? Please let me know if anyone has had this happen and what should i do.

run the tap on warm for a minute or so and fill the bottom of a pot, place the vial in the bath and replace water if it cools, that should be enough heat to redissolve the crystals, otherwise put it on the stove on low heat. be patient, it takes time at low heat, the slower you go, the less likely you will screw up and overheat it. shake vial often to mix as you proceed. make sure no chunks are left and it is one homogenous mixture.

Thank you, will do.