Need Help Recovering from Cycle

Hey guys, completed a 12 week test e cycle with proper pct (4 week nol +clo) 8 months ago

My sex drive and libido went down 3 months after pct and have been slowly recovering ever since.
Managed to keep almost all gains from cycle!

These are my bloods now, (recovered a bit since 3 months post pct)

Fsh 3 (1-8)
Lh 3 (2-8)
Oestrodial 170pmol (<150) higher than normal

Test 13.3nmol/l (6-28)
SHBG 20 (15-50)
Free test 348 pmol/l (200-600)

This is 8 months after pct, it should’ve come up by now hey? What should I do? Please help!

Considering running a second pct of nol and clomid. Wondering about dosage and length. If anyone has similar experiences please let me know what worked for you!

What should have come up by now? They’re all within range except E2 a bit high … what were your PRE cycle lab numbers?

How much nolva an Clomid did you take?

I feel off, low sex drive and libido. Sometimes I loose interest during middle of sex. This never happened before or during cycle. Unfortunately I didn’t get pre bloods (biggest regret)
Pct was 40/40/20/20 nolva and 50/50/25/25 clomid

Hard to know without pre cycle labs if you always have slightly elevated E2 levels or if they’re still up from cycle. Did you have your prolactin checked as well?

Did you use an AI while on cycle and how much test did you run?

This is just too high. Find away to get in down into the mid range and your dick and libido will return. I’d try .25mg anastrozole once a week for 4 weeks. Then stop. Don’t take more per week you will just crash your E2 and your problems with get worse.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I’ve ordered some nolva, clomid and aromasin
Should I just skip the second pct and try to get e2 within range?

I did, it’s at 251 miu/l
I used aromasin during cyle and through pct
Crashed it a few times but found my sweet spot
Ran 500mg for 12 weeks, pinned 2 times a week

I think your PCT was successful. Your nuts are working again. You just have too much E2 and it is not clearing your system very fast. Me? no 2nd PCT just take the aromasin. Don’t over do it, it is really powerful shit.

Alright thanks, would arimidex work as well? If so how much per week and for how long?

My only experience is with arimidex (anastrozole) I love it and it keeps me hard. But it is really powerful. Went I get high E2 symptoms I can take .125mg and 4 hours later feel better. I don’t take a second one. I only take them when I feel I need them and quit the second the symptoms are gone. Not taking anastrozole this way is why so many guys end up crashing there E2 a giving AI’s a bad name. I hope I helped. If you try my suggestions please post back your results good or bad. We need as much data on AI as we can get. There is far too much bro-science going around. Best of luck to you.

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Sorry, I thought those were 2 different things. Thank you, appreciate your help! And I’ll definitely report back on how I go! Cheers