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Need Help/Recommendations on Upcoming Cycle

Hey all! New to the forums here so go easy on me please haha.

Basically I’m asking for help/advice from anyone who has decent experience with cycles, as I’m trying to do something that I think I just need help with, dosage/length wise of how long my cycle should be. This won’t be my first or second cycle, but this will be my first more intense cycle, so just want to make sure I have everything in order before starting it. My goal here is to gain as much muscle and definition as possible with this cycle. Current stats are 185 lbs, 6ft, probably around 18~20% BF.

Here’s my proposed cycle :

Weeks 1-10 Test e 750/week

Weeks 1-10 Tren A 350/week

Weeks 1-10 EQ(or deca?) 750/week ( if I ran the EQ I know I’d have to run a longer cycle)

Weeks 1-10 NPP 100mg EOD

Weeks 1-5 dbol 40/day (20 morning, 20 before workout.)

Week 1 Anadrol 25mg/day

Weeks 2-4 Anadrol 50mg/day

Weeks 1-10 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD

Will be running Nolvadex during cycle as well and possibly arimidex and clomid if any sides do pop up, so my main questions are:

Does anyone have recommendations about this cycle, anything that I should add, take out, or replace?

How much nolva/ arimidex/ clomid should I run with this ?

And also would it be possible to run this cycle longer ? (Was thinking about doing a 16 week cycle instead) if so, what should I adjust ?

Thanks all in advance for any response !


There is on no way any justification for this cycle especially with your stats.

You state deca or eq and comment on needing to run EQ longer. The ester attached to deca vs EQ is one atom longer so the half life difference is about a day. They both need to be run for extended times in order to properly harness them.

You have tren and npp and possibly deca in the same cycle!!! And this is with an anadrol Kickstart! No No No No!!! Do you understand progesterone? Do you understand it is it’s own type of gyno that all the Aromasin in the world won’t help? You have no progesterone support listed. Do you want a special kind of gyno that makes your nipples leak milk like a mother of a new born?

I am a HUGE fan of a Trifecta stack, one from all three steroid families. When I run one I keep my total per week mgs around 1500mgs and I feel iffy doing that. Your total is 2655 the first week then the second week you jump to 2830. Out of that total your progesterone mgs are 700 to possibly 1450! There is in no way you need this much gear or this many compounds!

Please remember those cycles you find online are BS. They are BS because only a professional might possibly run something like that and that is only because they are willing to fuck their health for a goal. The other side of that is those dosages you see are because there are a lot of under dosed products out there throwing off the procieved mg total. Basically the label says 250 but really it’s 190. Do not assume your gear is under doses and then dose some ridiculous amount thinking it’s okay.

There is no need for two orals period. If you were running very low doses of each then maybe it would be ok but you are running full doses. Again the guys that do this are totally saying fuck it I don’t care what this does to my health I have a goal to reach. Before they do this sort of behavior they are at a point where their further development requires drastic measures, you are no where near that with your stats.

I will commend you for clearly stating a request for what you should change. You definitely don’t need anymore gear. Regardless of how many cycles you have done I think something within these guidelines is already pushing it for you;

Keep the total injectable mgs around 1500mgs per week or less.
One oral and one oral only, either one you listed at the stated doses would be ok.
Depending on your history of dosage levels then your stated test dosage is good, even if you have under dosed gear you should still be above 500 actual mgs if you inject 750 per the label.
Pick ONE of the following, tren(this is another world and I hesitate to even say it’s ok for you but I don’t know your compound history), NPP, deca or EQ. Now depending on how long you want to run then this would influence your choice here. If you want to keep it at a 10 week or less cycle then your only two choices are tren a or NPP. With a 10 week cycle and using tren a or NPP you could run 100mgs EOD and I guarantee you will gain. If you wanted to run it out to 12-15 weeks then deca or eq would be ok. For the record 12 is probably too short still. Deca and EQ have long esters attached.

I like the Trifecta stack. If your pick test and a choice between tren or NPP then use anadrol as your kick start you will have one compound from each family of steroids. Anadrol is a DHT although it’s the weird dht and I personally have never used it before. If you do this you need to have some sort of progesterone support available. The options are Pramipexole, cabergoline, bromocriptine. I personally use vitamin b6 at 600mgs per day as added support, I would not rely on it as your only option. Given that you don’t seem to even be aware of the progesterone issues with what you proposed then why not skip the oral kick start (the short ester tren a or NPP will kick pretty quick without an oral) and instead run winstrol for the last 5-6 weeks. If you did winstrol at the end you would still get a Trifecta stack and it will help add some definition for the end. It will also help with a strength boost which is always nice at the end of a cycle.

Please don’t run anything close to what you wrote down. Hell you could still gain naturally without gear at your stats. You shouldn’t be relying on gear to make you gain it just doesn’t work like that , all it does is help.


Have you gotten your levels tested with this method? The reason I ask is there seems to be a lot of people who swear by it then some who say for a drug like tren it’s not strong enough.

Thanks a lot for the response and advice! Honestly had no idea about the progesterone problems that would’ve occurred. I tried to do my best to research everything beforehand but it’s pretty hard to do when everyone has different opinions on what stacks are considered “best” when trying to bulk up. I actually knew that I needed caber I just wasn’t sure for what part, 100% Will be adding it if I decide to do the anadrol kickstart. I have a few more questions for ya if you get a chance to read this . I do have the option to run the 10 week cycle with the NPP or the other thing I was thinking about doing was 16 weeks with the EQ as I heard that was the most beneficial for it, would you recommend the 10 week or 16 week cycle? I don’t have any prior experience with NPP Tren or EQ so I do appreciate the advice! As for the running two orals thing, I honestly don’t feel too bad about that part, I’ve read multiple logs, statements, and studies, that all seemed to show that you could take much higher doses of orals such as dbol and still be ok in the long run not exactly sure where I found the information but I’ve run it myself before and never seemed to have any problems or sides Had an LFT done before and after my previous cycles and everything was in order both before and after, so I think I’ll keep the two orals on my cycle, but still thanks for the advice and warnings !

No I have never had a blood work. It supposed to help. Key word “supposed.”

If I understand correctly b6 helps your body produce serotonin which in turn helps keep our mood positive via dopamine. I don’t understand how serotonin and dopamine are connected but they are. The positive mood helps keep everything balanced and ultimately keep prolactin down. Again I don’t know how it all connects but it does. In women the b6 actually helps increase progesterone and in men I dont know. The ultimate goal is the dopamine levels for us men that use gear.

Cabergoline upregulates the dopamine receptors so basically you get more use out of the dopamine your body makes. This in turn elevates mood and ends up lowering prolactin levels.

Both men and women need estrogen and progesterone. The right amount and we are good to go. Too little we feel like shit and too much has it’s own lists of crap. The end game is all about a proper balance.

Stuff like deca and tren have progesterone like effects. It is very rare to get gyno from these effects however it’s the lactation that seems get most guys.

The prolactin can only make us lactate if it is high enough and the progesterone is low enough. In pregnant women they both rise then after birth the progesterone drops then the prolactin kicks off lactation. In guys that use gear the tren or deca acts like progesterone which causes the prolactin to rise but this is in an environment without enough actual progesterone to hinder lactation. If I understand it correctly we could eliminate progesterone from out bodies but the tren or deca could still cause lactation. Infact I think we could lactate easier if we eliminated all progesterone when on tren or deca.

I think the drop in progesterone after pregnancy is a big part of post pardon depression.

I know people say “keep the progesterone down” and I have said that but it should be “keep the progesterone in check.”

Please understand I am not a doctor I just read a lot and Everytime I think I finally understand something I read something else that makes me question myself. So do NOT Take my word as the entirety of the situation, go read for yourself because chances are something in there was off.

I have actually been thinking about my b6 usage on cycle. I can’t even count how many times I have heard something like 'i do x and I have never had any issues." Just because you don’t have issues doesn’t mean a damn thing. I have always used the b6 simply for peace of mind and it does help with mood. I know the placebo effect works on me, I try to use it to my advantage. I finally have a steady domestic source of caber, I live on the Mexican border and I always told myself if needed I could hope the border and get it. Reality is I couldn’t keep a straight face if I had it in my pocket. It has just been too many years since I regularly did shit like smoke weed and have it in my pocket when getting pulled over. What I am getting at is I have a tren run coming up and I am thinking I should try it without the b6 to see if I notice anything. I finally have the caber source so I can take care of anything that pops up.

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You should not touch gear, period!
You just stated you have no experience with any of these compounds. You literally admit ignorance, look up the definition it means having no knowledge. Then after receiving advice from a source with experience and some knowledge you say thanks but I am not listening to you. You quote one source saying that so and so was fine. This is after I said those guys that do this are willing to FUCK their long term health for a short term goal because they are at a point where something DRASTIC is needed to further development. How are you not understanding this? Then on top of it your stats are in NO WAY at a point where you should even think about doing a cycle yet this would be your third…WHY IN THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL UNDER 200 POUNDS??? I am not even commenting on the body fat (my kind gesture to you). You obviously don’t know how to train, eat, sleep or gain so your solution is to throw gear at it.

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It hit me just after I hit send…you didn’t state your age…good luck. I will not assist you in damaging yourself.

Nupe. Nuuuuuuuupe.

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In for the train wreck.

Please log this cycle and link it here so I can watch.


Didn’t really come on the forum to be judged, I figured I’d get some, but guess I just thought some people could help/support without feeling the need to judge or ridicule me. I came to ask what I should be adjusting to my cycle so that I could be safe about it. I have my reasons as to why I’m using gear to train, and why my stats are the way the are even after running a few cycles in the past, but it’s not something I want to talk about as I feel it’s not vital for anyone else to know. Also, never said this will be my third cycle? Simply stated that I’m not a beginner. I also said I was taking your advice on EVERYTHING, excluding the orals, because I’ve had prior experience, and know/have talked to others who have done the same dosage with two orals and have never had any problems with it. Not really sure why you felt the need to blow up there but It is what it is. Also, not sure how you automatically assume I have no experience with any gear whatsoever when I only said I haven’t used deca NPP or tren before.

With your stats i’m pretty confident you’d make great gains after 12 weeks of Test Enanthate at 500mg / week.

TE is as reliable as a log burning stove. . . . it works . . . . you wont wreck yourself

yeah this is dumb. read 10 Dan John articles and can get to 200 easily

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