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Need Help Putting on Weight



sorry about the question, I've read most of the threads on Surge + Grow! + Basically I stil would like a comment or two lol...

Basically I am following a workout plan, trying to eat properly etc, but the only supp I have is a protein shake - it is low carb + has something like 150 calories per serving...

I have a fast metabolism and find it hard putting on weight, and have been keeping a log (fitday.com) and generally I've noticed that I rarely even beat 2000 proper calories, so I feel the way forward (obviously along with tryina eat more) is to use a protien shake that also is high cal / high carb...

Therefore I was looking at both Surge and Grow!, but to be honest are they high enough calorie or do I need to investigate something else?!

Finally, I can only choose one (Surge/Grow!), so which would be a better buy (assuming I don't get advised to go for something else lol^) in terms of what Im tryina do (bulk lol).

Thanks very much.... :slight_smile:


Surge and Grow! are both great products...

but if you're not even getting 2000 calories a day you're not eating enough food...

your solution is simple...EAT MORE FUCKING FOOD!


If you're trying to get bigger and you're only eating 2000 cals a day, then your first priority has to be FOOD. You certainly don't need to be worrying about taking low-carb supplements.

Check out JB's Massive Eating and you'll find out what you need to be doing.


buy the Scrawny to Brawny" book..cost about $20 maybe cheaper on ebay.
Protein or Surge alone will not hlep you put on mass... you need to eat ALOT!
as for Grow! or Surge..id go with Surge. you can buy a decent protein for the same price and get twice as much. As for Surge, have one serving 10-15 min prior to workout, sip one serving during your workout and then another serving right after your workout. this is the only time of day you will need to drink it. this will get expensive, 80-100/month maybe, but its the best stuff, plain and simple.


ill try and be a little more specific than "Eat more fucking food"

2000 calories a day is not going to cut it...well, actually it will. Most people actually go on a "cutting" diet with about those calories. You are trying to do the opposite.

Depending on your current weight, you really need to be eating AT LEAST 3500 calories, and i would say upwards of 4500 to 5000. This sounds like alot, i know, but how do you think you add mass to your frame?

People seem to have this notion that lifting weights=big! its actually Lifting Weights + Proper Nutrition = Big!!

Now... Having said that, you don't want to just eat 4500 calories tomorrow. You want to gradually ramp up to that much. This week do 2500, next week do 3000 yadda yadda. If you just jump into it you could potentially gain a bunch of fat. THIS IS NOT A QUICK PROCESS, YOU HAVE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE...SLOW DOWN!!

So...To reinforce... EAT EAT EAT. I was in the same boat you are for 2 years before I found out that "secret"


loose the suplements

save your money for food.

Its really simple, eat more cals than you spend and you;ll gain. When you start gaining consistenly then add the sups. Remember food is the key.


Lonnie makes some good points (it's bizarre for me to refer to another person with this fairly uncommon name).

It's been estimated that a new pound of muscle takes 2800-3000 calories (kcal) to synthesize. This is in addition to the added protein and amounts to 400-450 surplus kcal per day. I once penned an article entitled "The Battle of the Knife and Fork" because it's tough to eat in excess and gain fairly lean weight. It's not simply about hunger!

BTW, drinking calories is one of the better ways to get oneself in a truly positive energy (kcal) status. There appears to be less downward-compensation in later food intake this way... and it's possible to drink even when not hungry.


You are not a hard gainer, you are simply not eating enough. Liquid food is good if you have trouble jamming down calories. Milk is your friend. Drink about a gallon a day.

Trying to eat clean all the time when you are bulking can often be a mistake. Trying to eat 4000 calories a day in salad and chicken breast is hard work. Have your cheat meals (lots of them), but make sure you are getting your solid nutrition as well.


To Lonnie. How is this for a vague question? I am a dietetic intern and graduate student in nutrition and exercise physiology. What are some of the things that have made you a successful sports nutritionist and what would you recommend for a hungry, ambitious student who lives, eats, sleeps, breathes and ----- nutrition and exercise?


This should be written in block letters right under "Bodybuilding's Think Tank". I am guessing the majority of the guys even using the "hardgainer" excuse are also the same ones who think that eating 4,000cals a day is either nearly impossible...or that they are already eating that much even though their true intake is closer to 1,000.


Eggs are cheap and awesome.

Buy the cheap shitty ground beef and eat lots of it.

Milled flax seeds are also cheap.

These are shout outs from the broke ass section.


That would be excellent.


Go to kitchen. Gorge. Wait three hours. Repeat.


Ok, thanks for the advice. this mite sound a bit weird but call it 2000cals from the meals I have in any day, but this is with me TRYING to eat more (eg tryina do 4/5 meals a day) therefore I know I need to be eating, but its hard.

I can't even begin to imagine how may cals i "live" on (eg no weight training, 3 normal meals, no shakes etc). bear in mind however that my spending of calories is very low (walk or drive everywhere) and I can't run, (rules out sport) so I can't be using a lot...

I do honestly try hard to eat, I DO always eat clean, but I feel the main problem is I can snack, but I cant have more full meals. eg Im not at home enough or have the resources to cook food when Im out etc.

Hence y I was looking to supps, aside from that, snacks?! eg I can drink all the milk in the world and eat peanuts til I fall over, but will this be enough?! lol.

Also another quick question - I'm doing CW Total Body Training program at the moment, and read the article someone wrote on only having 30 minutes a session to work out. (This would suit me much better). Therefore I'm looking to switch to doing workous with just 2 or 3 exercises. (eg day 1- rows/bench press) and working out daily or near daily. When I train like this though, I don't feel like I've worked all that hard as I've only done a couple of exercises... Is growing really possible if you train in this way?!

ps: as I just need more calories, is it a good idea to make sure im drinking full fat milk as opposed to semi skimmed and that kinda thing...

neways. thanks again...



My biggest advice right now to you would be to educate yourself. This site is full of everything to answer each of your questions.

1--No way can you go through TBT on 2000 cals. No way! You're not building any muscle here so just stop and reevaluate.

2--Don't worry about it being called a snack or a meal, just eat something. A great way to add alot of cals. healthy and wise is fish/salmon oil or capsules. Olive oil. Flax oil. Take a look at inc. at least a tablespoon or more at each of your first 2-3 meals per day. Eat a meal as close to bed as you can. Preferrably cootage cheese or milk based for the slow digesting protein.

3--You state nothing about your current stats so making any real reccomendations is tough. Just eat more whenever nec. But really, invest the time on the diet and nutrition articles available here to educate yourself on what and WHY to eat various foods at the most optimal times.

4--Whole milk is full of saturated fat. This is not a good choice. 1%(my choice) or skim (gross) will do you better and suipp with some type of healthy oil for your fats and satiaty.

5--Don't be afraid to eat high quality carbs. Everyone wants to push protein, but again not knowing any stats, carbs and fats will give you the energy for your workouts and the cals you need for your goals.

6--And not the least important--maybe the most Water ans sleep. You can not get too much of either.

Good luck.


YES this is a good start then build from there.

Yse the full fat version would be great in your case.

CW, CT, Staley, any of them have MANY quality programs that will fit your sched just pick one eat and lift HARD.

Good luck.



I was in agreement until you wrote this. There isn't a thing wrong with whole milk. It might be wise to eliminate it when dieting, but otherwise, it does a body good. You act as if he is pouring gallons of cream down his throat.


You could learn a lot from the guy in my avatar.


I don't disagree that with you in that it won't kill him. But why would you want to take in 5g or 8g or whatever it is in saturated fat when you could just as easily make up that calorie content with some olive oil or fish supps through the day?


Because it isn't always that easy and there is no reason to avoid all saturated fat.