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Need Help Please

Iam 21 years old been lefting for two years and I weight 155 , 5’9 I cant seem to make any improvement beisdes my arm maybe I changed my dieteat way more work out at least 6 days a week sometimes 5 so im thinking on getting a lil boost ive made alot of research and im ready to takw the chance and also the risk…so I would like to know whats the best cheapest first cycle I should take and how should I take it I ordered some danabol 10 mg should be here in 2 weeks do I need more to start , should I just wait till I ordered more to use it? Please anything will help negative or positive.

It’s generally advised to wait until you can write at a 4th grade level before you touch gear.

Steroids amplify results, not create them. You’re stalled for a reason. You have another 1-2 years of research and training hard before you should even think of steroids.

Points to take home:
Learn how to eat and why you eat those things you do
Learn how to train and why you train that way
Add 30-40 lbs and look MUCH better than you do now