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Need Help Planning Cycle


OK I was going to do a Test E 12 week cycle at 500mg per week, split twice a week with m-drol as a 4 week kickstart. I was going to run HCG weeks 3 to 13 at 500iu/week split twice a week. I was going to run some a-dex through cycle and finish with torimefene with nolva on hand. I have the m-drol, a-dex, torem, and nolva but my source dried up and I am stuck.

Should I just run the m-drol, stack it, or just hold on till I find another source. How long is everything good for? My a-dex, nolva, and torem are all research chems.


You should wait.

It seems like you have a well conceived cycle, except for the M-drol (dbol would be a better choice). M-drol alone would be vastly inferior compared to testosterone alone or a test/m-drol stack.

The research chemicals will last for a long time. Store them out of direct sunlight in room temp. You should also email the company with that question to get a more defninitive answer.


Thanks I will do that. Hopefully I can find another one quick.


What do you mean 'dried up'? This is generally a term that relates to a large national/international bust that affects the supply of the drug..

What happened?


No I just knew a guy that made annual trips across the border. He decided to stay natty for a while so that left me dry. No busts that I am aware of. Just me being SOL for a while.