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Need Help Planning Back Off Wk

For the first time I am going to do some lower intensity training for the next week.

I never really believed in such a thing but feel the need to for a variety of different reasons:
-last bench workout on working set did not keep the bar str8 for the last couple reps (right shoulder hurts nothing major though)
-Last leg workout weight felt much heavier than usual.
-Appetite has more than marginally decreased.
-Been waking up after sleeping 4-6 hours not going back to sleep when usually get 8-10 hours.

I don’t want to stay out of the gym; came up with a rough plan for a couple workout cycles to last 8 days or so.

Here’s the plan.
Day 1: Squat and Bench 3 sets of 10 with 135.
Standing shoulder press 3 sets of 10 with 85.
Sheet load of light weight face pulls and cable delt work.
Abdominals with heavy pulldowns and weighted leg raises 4 sets of 10-15 each.
Finish off with foam rolling and some simple shoulder mobility excercises.
20 minutes of incline treadmill walking.

Day 2: Off

Day 3: Focus on back and biceps
close grip palms facing body pullups 5 sets of 5.
Light bent over rows 3 sets of 10 with 115.
Hammer curls, ez bar preachers, reverse grip curls, standing barbell curls with chains.
Lower back work using bodyweight on the reverse thing that the woman always use for their obliques followed by reverse hyperextensions.
20 minutes of incline treadmill walking.

Day 4: Off


My specific questions are should I add in another day for things like machine leg work, chest flies, etc.
On back and biceps day should I just do the curls kind of medium intensity with 30 lbs or so or go heavier?

As this is my first time doing such a thing I am more than open to advice/suggestions.

don’t overcomplicate it man just get in, get some blood flowing into the muscles and get out, have fun, mess around in the gym try new exercises or machines if you want as long as you’re not working too hard so as not to defeat the purpose of the deload.

As hard as it will be, just stay out for a week. It won’t kill you.

I recently started training two-a-days along with 5-3-1 and have needed a deload week every 4 weeks or so. Here are three approaches I’ve used in my cycles:

  1. What Myself1992 says, just go in and have fun. Work on light powerclean form or snatches if you never do them, or try out some light single-leg work, or even a day entirely on machines, which tend to be easier on the joints and the CNS.

  2. Do low intensity, low volume work on a few exercises. 50% intensity on squats, bench, press, and DL, plus some really light assistance work. Focus on technique, but don’t focus so hard that you tire yourself out (e.g. don’t arch your back so hard benching 135 that you’re erector spinae are sore the next day).

  3. A full week of bodyweight stuff. Mix up pullups, chinups, pushups, inverted rows, lunge walks, handstand pushups, and ab work. It’s light on the CNS, allowing your body to recover efficiently while still stimulating the muscles.

Mix it up and have fun while you recover. Your body will thank you.