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Need Help Physios BACK PAIN!


Hi I have been suffering from back pain for 6 months due to trauma and falls from martial arts, incorrect deadlifts and training through pain.

The last 3 months I focused on core strength and hyperextensions, reverse hypers for my back. Exrecises for core included situps on swiss ball, planks, bird dogs and side planks. My pain had decreased a lot and am now able to pull my knees to my head again without any pain.

My only problem now is that I wake up in the morning feeling a little stiff, one of my hamstring is stiff and sometimes pulls when I bend. I get a lot of clicking in my lower back and feel unstable as if my hip is constantly moving.

My doctor said I had mild spondylolisthesis.And I am finding that I am very stiff when bending forward and tend to tire easily while standing during the due. Its like my back muscles spasm and become tight. I try to stretch every day and foam roll my thoracic spine but its still the same. Attached there is my recent X-rays any help on certain mobility drills or exercises is greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!


other xray


Last one


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Dude with any injuries specifically back/spine seek professional help from a coach or Doctor.