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Need Help Ordering Barbell Plates


My gym doesn’t carry any barbell plates below five pounds, so I’m going to buy a pair of 2.5’s and a pair of 1.25’s and bring them in whenever I need them. I’ve looked at a few sites and it’s hard for me to tell if what I’m ordering is the proper diameter. If anyone could tell me the diameter of a standard barbell (not sure if I’m being specific but the barbells in this gym look like any other barbells I’ve ever seen) or even point me in the right direction of what to order or where to order it from, that would be greatly appreciated.

A beginner


Just get any kind fractional plates, they’re all pretty much the same.


It’s close to 1 inch for s standard 2 inches for an Olympic bar


Ebay is probably your best bet


If the bar is 20kg it’s probably an Olympic bar with 2 inch diameter.


Nobody has really made this clear yet, so allow me:

Olympic bars are just short of 2″ diameter on the ends (actually 1 31/32″, or 50mm). As such, they will only take olympic weight plates, which have 2″ diameter holes.

Standard bars are 1″ in diameter on both the middle shaft and the ends. They are made to take Standard weight plates. You don’t want to put olympic weight plates on them because they will be sloppy and will swing around.


Thank you everyone. I have what I need to order now.