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Need Help/Opinions on a Diet Plan


im at 11% body fat and want to drop to about 6-8%. That meens that I have to drop about 6 to 8 pounds.

I was woundering if this diet would be suitable for my goals :

-1 cup of oatmeal (no water in it)
-2 table spoons of Flax seed
-2 whole eggs
-4 egg whites
-1 CLA softgel + 2 Omega 3 softgels


-1 cup of organic high fiber cereal with a scoop of whey protein + 250 ml of milk + an Apple + Flax seed
-1 CLA softgel + 2 Omega 3 softgels

Snack :
-Can of tuna or Protein shake or low fat Mozarella cheese (5g of fat/1g of carb/9g of protein per lil serving)
-Either wallnuts, almonds or cashews. (didint decide how many… Im thinking about 10?)

-Salad (with tomatoes, cucombers, peppers, mushrooms, etc.)
-chicken breast or a can of Salmon or a steak
-1 CLA softgel + 2 Omega 3 softgels

-Can of tuna or protein shake with flax seed oil or 1cup of cottage cheese
-Apple or nuts or veggies

Sketchy part here, parents make them, but usually it looks about like this:
-Steak or Fish or Chicken
-Salad (with tons of stuff, dressing is usually lemon, olive oil, balsamic oil, Dijon Mustard, etc.)
-Green vegies or rice/pasta/potatoes
-1 CLA softgel + 2 Omega 3 softgels

Before bed snack:
-1cup of cottage or protein Shake with flax seed oil

Postworkout I would drink a protein shake blended in with a banana and sometimes add in an apple if im feeling extra tired.

I train 3 times per week on Charles Staley EDT program. I also play ice hockey, bike and play soccer…

I consume for supplements : Omega 3 caps, CLA, MultiVitamins and Green Tea!

Anyways, tell me what you think, and I would appreciate ideas on what to eat for snacks and stuff… Also, I was woundering if low Mozarella cheese was good for fat loss? And 0% Yogourt, its like 5g of Carbs and 4g of protein per serving.

What has your diet been like for the past 2 months? Have you been dieting, or are you naturally 11% just from normal diet and working out hard? What’s your LBM?

I wouldn’t advise cutting if you don’t already have a good “base” of lean mass.

Diet - cut out the yogurt unless it’s plain 2%. Cut out the rice/pasta/potatoes. Also up the protein in your snacks.

My diet for the past 2 months looked like this except with way bigger quantities and more fruits.

My LBM is 179 pounds.

I guess I could say that I am “naturally” 11% bodyfat