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I currently have been doing the Animalbolics plan for a couple weeks now. I am confused as to some posts I’ve read (from other sites) that state that the Animalbolics plan at best will just maintain muscle mass and burn fat but thats it. I’ll be the first to admit to being an idiot when it comes to proper diet, etc. (not my strong point). Anyway, some others have said that you can gain muscle and lose fat on this plan at the same time (which is what I tend to believe). What I’d like to know is, is it likely that the Animalbolics plan would allow the body to put on muscle but no fat the same as if you were in a full blown bulking stage eating all the time? What I mean is: Is the Animalbolics plan and a traditional bulking plan going to be equal as far as muscle gain and retention but the Animalbolics plan will not add fat whereas the bulking plan will. Or is a traditional bulking plan better for adding more muscle with fat assuming you don’t care about fat retention. I know other posts existed on this subject but they didn’t answer this question and I wasn’t sure which post to ask it on or if I should just start another thread. Thanks for the help!

Isn’t “Animalbolics” about the same as the Warrior Diet? If so, then read Chris Shugart’s comments on that diet in the Diet Manifesto and in one of the previous “Stuff We Like” columns where he reviewed (and totally slammed) the book. If it’s not like the Warrior Diet, then please ignore me. :slight_smile: