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Need Help On What To Do Next

Well i started training about 4 months ago, i started with starting strength, moved on to stripped down hypertrophy and i am currently doing a 5 day split. I have recently decided what my goal would be before July, and i want to know if any of you guys could help me out with this.

I am 17 years old, and i am 185 pounds at 6 feet. My current diet is 220g Protein, 30g-50g carbs and 70g-100g of fats a day. I started 4 months ago at 244 and lost all of this weight by lifting heavy without doing any cardio. I am happy with what i have so far but i am looking to take advantage of my beginner gains as much as possible.

Before Stats At 244 pounds 1RM:
Bench- 95lb
Squat- 185lb
Deadlift- 225lb
Rows- 95lb
Military- 70lb

Most Current 1RM at 185:
Bench- 190lb
Squat- 340lb
Deadlift- 375lb
Rows- 200lb
Military- 135lb

Future Goals At 170lb:
Bench 225lb
Squat- 405lb
Deadlift 405lb
Rows- 225lb
Military 150lb

Current Workout Program On Next Post

Dumbbell Bench 3x8
Dumbbell Inline Bench 3x5
Decline Dumbbell Bench 3x10
Dips 5x5
Wide Grip Benchpress (Just To Practice Form)2x10
Pushups 2x30

Front Squats 2x15
Back Squats/Box Squats 5x5
RDL 3x5
Lunges/Pistols 3x5
Leg Press 2x25
GHR (Depends On How I Am Feeling)

Pullups Varying Grips 5x5
Pulldowns To Focus Lats 3x5
Rows 3x5
Deadlifts/Rack Pulls/Deficit Deadlifts Pyramid (10,7,5,3)
Reverse Hyper 2x5
BB Curls 3x10
Hammer Curls 3x10

Close Grip Bench 3x5
Wide Grip Bench 5x5
Shoulder Press 3x10
Military Press 5x5
Floor Press 3x3
Real Close Grip Dips 3x5

Good Mornings (heavy)5x3
Box Squats (Light Explosive)3x10
Deadlifts (Light Explosive)3x10
DC Style Calves
Weighted AB Work

So what i am asking is, whether this program is good enough, i am pretty sure i can handle the volume, this is my second week on the program and i just came back from doing heavy rack pulls. Is this going to cut it if i want to lose a little more weight for this summer, before i bulk in the fall?

And will this help my strength level?

Do You Guys Recommend Any Other Exercises? Substitute any?
Any Help Would Be Appreciated.

What set/rep scheme(s) are you currently using ?

Edit my last post for rep scheme.

Put your speed work before your rack pulls on saturday. You can go heavy after you go fast, but it doesn’t work the other way around.

Fat loss will mostly be determined by diet and extra cardio/HIIT. Didn’t see any of that in there. You might be able to lose some without it, but if your goal is fat loss, you’ll get better results with it.

You’re lifting heavy- it should help your strength levels.

Yea I figured, i ussualy do my heavy last, and then some accessory work. I do 20 minutes of mid intensity cardio, Monday, Friday, Saturday( thursdays too if i am not sore from tuesdays leg work).