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Need Help on TRT Protocol

Hi, I have been lurking around the forums for a couple months trying to get some advice from other posts. I’m 35 and had two test performed prior to TRT. Total T for the first was 230 and the second was 180. I started on TRT with HCG to help with fertility incase I want to have kids. Prior to TRT I had all the typical symptoms - Low Energy, No Libido, A little depressed. I’ve had some great days but still have lack of energy and libido issues often.

Original Protocol
100mg test CYP/week
250iu HCG e3d

After 6 weeks my numbers were:
Total: 1100
Free: 106
E2: 33

My doctor suggested Arimidex .25 twice per week.
My e2 isn’t super high but maybe its not in the sweet spot. I ran that for a couple weeks and that didn’t make a difference.

So I dropped the Arimdex and split my dose in two this week. 50mg Test on Monday with 250 iu HCG and will do 50mg test Thursday with 250 iu HCG. This week I have been sweeting during the day like crazy. Mainly arm pits. I’ve never had that problem. No libido. Unable to get full erection. Lack of energy again and kind of depressed.

I know this can be a work in progress but is there anyone that has some insight on some adjustments I can make? I’m wondering if my T is too high and maybe I should take a little less? Possibly add back Arimdex even though E2 isn’t super high? The only real positive consistently has been my gains in the gym. I’ve worked our from years and have had real difficulty adding muscle. I’m now adding muscle and breaking PR’s like crazy. Just want to get the everyday energy and libido in check. Thanks.

You should be looking for E2=22pg/ml which seems optimal for libido, energy, mood and fat patterns.

TRT leads to changes in gene expression, then bulk tissue changes. In the brain, patterns change. Areas if the brain increase in activity and some areas are repressed. This all takes time and during this period of plasticity it helps to have a positive attitude to form patterns around. It can take 4-8 weeks for these changes to occur.

E2=33pg/ml was before or with Arimidex/anastrozole.

Most guys need 1mg anastrozole for every 100mg T cyp/eth. So you are probably under-dosed. But do read stickies for more info.

There is more to libido than T and E2. Libido is a measure of physical and metal health. Please post other lab results with ranges. Do not ignore references to thyroid, iodine and body temperatures.

Please read the stickies found here: About the T Replacement Category

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Thanks Ksman. I’ve been through some of those stickies but will definitely take another look. The e2 was before AI. Because my e2 was only slightly elevated and my total was 1100 with free of 106 my doctor also suggested lowering my dose of T down to 80mg/week.

You need to add lab ranges to your 1st post with the edit function, pencil icon.
FT ranges vary wildly from lab to lab.

I would not lower T dose with available info.

The difference between E2=22 and E2=33 might be huge. Your idea of “slightly” is meaningless.

Get new labs based on split doses and hCG.
Feeling warm: Wear lighter clothes, drink more water to avoid dehydration from your sweating.

Do not ignore references to thyroid, iodine and body temperatures.