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Need Help on Proper Squat Form

Hi guys , i just started doing squat since i choosed to be a powerlifter ,
When i watch my squat video feel terrible , I don’t have a proper form , i don’t have enogh technic ,

I would appreciate if some experience guys whatch my video and help me out .
Thank you so much

Looks okay, something awkward about it though - i think you can push your knees out a bit maybe, maybe the weight is a bit forward - I can’t quite pick it.

Hips raise a bit quickly but not a huge deal.

Nice little gym btw.

you’re right , hips raise a bid faster , and it’s not match with my back and my upper body .

I’m REALY confused , looking for a solution

Thanks a lot

Look up.

there’s nothing wrong with your squat, it looks fine. I don’t understand why you are confused or why you think it’s terrible. It’s good.

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Your form is better than most whom post in the beginners section

It definitely is. By a lot.

you know what’s crazy that I’ve been consistently seeing recently, between this forum and a few other places? Every beginner seems to think he NEEDS olympic-style lifting shoes, with a raised heel. Nobody wants to squat in flats anymore. I see so many lifters get like a few months into training and go out and spend 100+ dollars on shoes to squat in. It’s crazy to me. And don’t get me wrong, I love my heeled shoes. I’ve got some good ones. But I lifted for over a decade without them, lol.


LOL I was talking about the OP form… But so is yours :wink:

Ive tried Olympic shoes and I did not like them myself.

I did this too, but now I just squat in whatever shoes I have at the time lol. I felt like when I just used my oly shoes that I started “relying” on them too much. Now I squat in whatever (even dress shoes if I have to), and I feel like my ankle flexibility has improved tremendously. So now when I do use my oly shoes my squats don’t feel any different minus the stability on the bottom of my foot.

hahaha yes I know.

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Well , I have a friends with me in the gym , they always keep saynig that you do squat awfully :neutral_face::neutral_face: they say my back is too bend , my hip raise very vast and it’s not match with my back and upper body . I did try many times to change my squat form but it seems nothing is effective and this is my style and I can’t change it anyway .

And thanks to you , after all I think you are the first person that says i have a proper form on that .

I dont think your back angle is an issue. And the hips isn’t that big a deal. If it really bothers you just focus on keeping your knee forward until you are well out of the hole - that should sort it out.

Your form is fine.

How much do your friends lift and what style of squats are they after? There’s an enormous variety in forms, depending on bar and feet positioning. Saying that there’s one correct way to squat is silly. You’re squatting correctly as long as you do it painlessly and you achieve your goals.

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It doesn’t really bother me , I really feels okay when i do squat , no pain or any problem . Nothing at all

It seems that my friends are cause of my wrong feelings about my squat form . Thanks to all positive guys in this forums
And every other dudes that shares their thoughts.

Now i feel i do have proper form