Need Help on Prolactin

Im getting ready to run a dbol test decca stack,
Decca- 400 week (200 twice a week)
Test e- 600 week (300 twice a week
dbol- 50 ed

been dOing a lot of reading and research on prolactin and using caber, but for the most part everything reefers to caber in pill form only, what I found was that people say it’s unstable because you don’t know When it was manufactured so there is no telling what the life span is. If the caber in a oil base rather then water base does that help improve its stability? The reason I ask is because I have all my gear and am ready to start. But until I have all the answers I need I’m not gonna. (No one wants a limp dick) i will be running anastrozole along with my caber.

For my pct I’ll be using Clomid and exemestane. But I just don’t have the money for caber in pill form. So im just gonna use the liquid. As a back up what if I used prolactrone to help aid the caber? Would that help?