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Need Help on Power Clean Form


I'm not an oly weightlifter (imma powerlifter), so I don't know what the fuk I'm doing
vid: http://instagram.com/p/xMQRnzQmpw/?modal=true


I hope this doesn’t come off as rude because I truly don’t mean to be. First, you are doing cleans…not power cleans. This is a good thing in my opinion. Too many people just power clean and never get comfortable with a full clean. There are a lot of things going on and you should try and find a coach.

You need to fix your posture on your starting position. Your entire back and shoulders are rounded. You need to pull those shoulders together and straighten out that back. Once you fix that then I can see what else needs work on the start position. That bar may be a little too forward but it’s hard to tell from this angle and definitely not the biggest issue.

You need to slow down your first pull and work on hitting the correct positions. You shoot your knees back and you create too much distance between you and the bar. On the second one your chest also goes down so you are pulling with your back and not your legs. Your shoulders and hips need to move together on that first pull.
You are moving your feet which is giving you the false impression of extension. You are not extending at all or shrugging back. You are just sort of jumping under the bar without really using your legs and extension. It’s not the worst “donkey kick” but you definitely need to fix that.

You also land in your toes. You need to land on your heels and keep the heels down.
Your elbows move through fast which is good. That’s usually one of the main issues for a new lifter.

This is just the start. I don’t mind helping you out but you should see if anyone can coach you. If I was your coach I would address the start position first, then work on hitting the proper positions including getting you to fully extend. And I would fix the footwork. After attacking those three things which is a lot then I would move onto the other things.

Like I said…happy to help. It’s a long and frustrating journey with epic days mixed in. Oh yeah…and squat.


I agree with everything the above poster said.

Also, I’ll add this, I don’t know where you train, but with iron plates, do NOT be dropping the weights!! You’ll get thrown out of the gym, not to mention the damage you’ll do to the equipment!!


It looks like you’re jerking with your arms a little too soon. Try a few sets from the hang, not the floor. This should teach you to shrug and use your traps and extend more. Also, it should help you to keep the bar closer to your chest and keep your back flatter.

After some hang cleans, try some Romanian Deadlifts to figure out how to load up your hamstrings.