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Need Help on NFL Picks This Wk


Vikings vs Panthers? I picked panthers
Chargers vs Chiefs? I went chiefs
Colts vs Titans? I went Titans

Any input would be awesome. I am doing a sports select which is like betting on ALL the games and who ever gets the most correct out of all of Alberta wins a lot of money. I Boxed(which means i picked Home and Visitor, for extra money) Dolphins&Giants, NE&Steelers, Eagles&Cowboys, and Detroit&Denver, this means either team can win the game and I win the pick. So basically I just need to get 9/13 correct to win the pool.


chiefs are garbage.... Chargers smash in that game.


Ok, ya i was skeptical on that game, I'm just scared the colts are going to have some miracle game like the jags had against the ravens, and then carolina and vikings i feel like is up in the air. is the panther D any good?


hahaha no. Their Run D is ranked 29th and they're facing the best RB in the NFL... They're going to get gashed like a mofo.

told you lol


Cam newton is prtty good though....


and they are playing in carolina.....if i had to take away one of my boxes and substitute it with viking&panther which one would you take away, dolphins and giants?


2-5 good


vikings are 1-6....


I agree with all your picks...But everytime I have gambled, I have lost so there is that.


I feel as though every week there are teams that win that no one thought would so thats why i boxed detroit denver and miami giants, i think i should box panthers vikings now too


Doubt it. That team is toast.... Colts go 0-16 barring a huge miracle. That loss last week was the end of the season.


out of Detroit/Denver, Vikings/Panthers, Giants/Dolphins, which game do you think there is a sure victory for one side?


These are all toss ups IMO. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chargers lost. They are playing like crap and they just lost their best Guard Dielman due to concussion and seizures.


Giants, don't waste your box(whatever that is) on that one.


Anyone care to pick about five/six teams to win this weekend? I know nothing about NFL but betting on the premiership football hasn't been going too good for me this season.
I fancy a 5-6 team accumulator, and don't mind one or two less obvious results to give me a bit of value. I promise to pay you if it comes in*...

*all payments will be made through the currency of love.


told you lol


wow right now im 11/12 going into monday nights game, the only one i lost is the FUCKING NEW ORLEANS SAINTS....HOW DO YOU LOSE TO THE FUCKING RAMS!??!?!?!? AFTER GOING 60+ points THE WEEK BEFORE, CHRIST......i would be 12/12 going into tomorrow nights game and now i have to hope no one in alberta picked the rams and that the best ticket is 12/13 so i can win, FUCK THE SAINTS


How much did you make jck524?


Good call on the Chiefs, someone pressed the Buffalo Wild Wings button last night.