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Need Help on my Workout Split


I originally was doing Monday-Chest Tuesday-Legs/abs Wednesday- Arms Thursday- Rest Friday-Shoulders Saturday- Back Sunday- Rest. Then an ex-bodybuilder who trains college football players told me at my age (18) I should be working out each muscle close to 2 times a week. Really need help on the split here guys. I devote so much to my life with training and nutrition and I want the best possible workout routine to make the most of my efforts. A little about myself: 230lbs. Bench-355 Deadlift-465 Squat- 405 (yes i deadlift a lot more for some reason) and I have a very good diet.


I agree with him. I've added the most strength and size hitting everything near twice a week. My gains stalled, at least decreased when doing bodypart weekly and I switched back to training everything twice every 8 days and I've been growing like a weed again.

I will say though this depends on how you train too. If you are doing some sort of DC program or taking a bunch of sets to failure, doing forced reps, rest pause and some high high volume workouts, you will need more time to recover. If you split your training and have a "heavy" day and "pump" day so to speak twice a week works well.


What does your workout split look like? and hes got me doing 6 weeks of 8-12 reps per exercise and around 15-20 sets then I do 2 weeks of fast twitch workouts where I do low reps avg. around 5 reps. What exactly is DC training, I hear a lot of people talking about this.



possible split that hits twice a week.


In a nutshell, DC is basically doing some warmups and then one all out Rest Pause set per exercise. But if you want full details, hit up google.

My split, it's pretty damn ridiculous, or at least is far from traditional and it's probably not what you are looking for.

You can look up a Yates 3 way split...Something like Chest and Biceps, Legs, Off, Delts, Back, Off, repeat, or do all 3 workouts, take a day off repeat etc. Follow a heavy light approach, going heavy all the time with little rest can burn you out quick. It's not that hard though to structure a good routine and stick with it, if it isn't working out, you can always change things up, if you never try it, you'll never know if it will work better or worse than your current program, that's why I am game for trying new things out in training and after trial and error you can figure out what program will work best for you. And listen to that ex-bodybuilders advice if you see him as an adavanced trainee/trainer.


Quick question on the push/pull that dixiesfinest posted... When it says A1 and A2, does that mean A1, rest, A2, rest, back to A1, etc? Or is it A1, immediately into A2 w/o rest, then rest, and back to A1? I thought it was the latter, but I just wanted to make sure.

Thanks a lot