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Need Help on My Shoulders

You see the pic. I’m just wondering what I need to do to even them out. I’ve looked up some info and I’m guessing I need to a lot of Rear Delt work and Lateral Raises.

ALL suggestions are wanted and appreciated.

Um, I think that’s partly your pose dude. Might want to put more shots up.

For rear delts, I’d maybe pay the ten bucks and pick up Kelso’s Shrug Book on Amazon, some interesting exercises in there.

Your correct. Laterals and rear delt work. Thats what you need. Other than that your look’n thick

Face pulls will work and thicken everything you want and more. A super exercise for the upper back complex.

I’ll echo what Hagar said, You do have some basic thickness, in fact your front delt looks solid. A lot of younger trainers focus solely on pressing movements because every pro BBers says to start with a compound exercise. You would definitely be better suited doing some sort of lateral before any presses. If you’ve never looked up ‘pre-exhaust’ training, it would benefit you.


reverse flyes (bent over with db or on machne)
incline db shrugs
bb shrugs x2
face pulls x2

reducing the amount of front delt work for a while. or it will be like 1 step forward, 2 steps back…or something to that effect.

good luck dude! they are little muscles; so leave the ego at the door haha…i hate it too!