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Need Help on My Dose and The Way I'm Feeling

Long story short I was diagnosed with low t a year ago. I’m 28, 5"11 200lbs, 15% body fat. After struggling with doctors for almost a year and not prescribing me anything higher then 100mg a week I decided try things out my self. I’ve been dealing with low t ( last test I got from my doctor after Being on 100mg week for 4 weeks came back with a free t level of 7.1. High normal range was 57) I was still feeling terrible and it was taking a toll on my marriage and almost losing my job. For one month I took 600mg of test e a week. I felt great. Had my sex drive back wasent getting any hot flashes, I finally had an appetite and was able to go to the gym daily and be productive at work. As before, when I would go to the gym I would litterly be sick the rest of the day, tired, no appetite just terrible. Now since I have low t I know I’ll have gone on this the rest of my life. From my understanding 600mg a week isn’t something can do for life so I lowered my dose to 250mg a week for a little over a month. This whole month I have felt terrible again. Not quite as bad as being on 100mg a week but very close. I’m needing more sleep again, I have lost my sex drive, my appetite has gone back down not really wanting to eat. My energy has also fallen. So I’m really not sure on what to do. I’m very discouraged again as I thought I was on the right path. My idea was to go back up to 500mg a week for 1 month and gradually go down to where I feel good but have my dosage be as low as possible since I have to be on this for life. Also I’m not concerned about fertility as I had a vesectamy already and a little testicular atrophy is fine. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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2nd get all your blood work together and post here Total Test, Free Test, E2 (sensitive) and full Thyroid panel. Once posted some of the more knowledgeable will chime in. @Modifiedamerican

That is my last.l blood work from the doctor. That is all they check for. This has been almost a year with 2 different doctors.

The E2 lab range is wrong/bogus.
25pg/ml is good, but with low T makes you estrogen dominant.

Labs based on 80mg/week.

You may be a testosterone hyper-metabolizer and we have seen guys needing 300mg/week to get where others are at 100mg/week.

You simply may need a shitload of T to survive and need a doctor who can think-out-side-of-the-box

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AM cortisol
liver panel
kidney panel

I am concerned that other parts of your steroid hormone cascade may also be getting cleared excessively.

Your half-life for T is now extremely short. Get dose increased and inject SC everyday. When you get some bullets on paper we can consider EOD injections.

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Do labs two weeks after dose changes to see where you are. These ranging labs can be TT, FT, E2.