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Need Help on my Circuit Training


I dont know what the hell am doing but I cant seem to improve its pissin me off all I want to know is how many reps/sets I should perform? And how many exercises I should do? It would be great is someone could write out a new circuit training program for me? Cheers.


Why do you want to do a circuit program? Fat loss, endurance, conditioning? Also: what is your lifting experience, your level of strength( squat, bech and DL), your current program...? By the way, I posted two links to give you some ideas:




Im training for the Army so endurance and my bench is 70kgs, squat 83kgs and deadlift 100kgs btw there 5x5 not my 1rm dont know what that is yet.

Cheers for the articles but they aint what im looking for I was thinking of using BW exercise as I already do weights 3 times a week.


Have you already checked www.crossfit.com ? They have bodyweight WOD, and it seems that lots of soldiers are doing fine with Crossfit.