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Need Help On HFT

Guys I have been training for about 12 years now. Been doing HST for 2. Now I am going to try Waterburys HFT.

I was considering total body for 3 days a week and possible even 4 days a week. Now I have read the set and rep bible, but what would you say is the ideal volume to use per bodypart per day over the course of a 3 day routine and 4 day routine. For example.

Bench press 4 sets of 10 equals 40 reps per day on 3 days a week is 120 reps total a week on 3 day routine.

Now if I do this for chest back legs and shoulders thats 160 reps per workout. Is this overkill, I mean I know its when the SET/REP bible guidelines but is that for every muscle group?

Would I be better off to use the 24-36 range?



Why not try the “Next Frontier” program before modifying it with the “Build Your Own HFT Program!” parameters?


You might also want to take a look at IamMarqaos’ thread where he described what he did with the “Build Your Own HFT” parameters and his results.