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Need Help on Existing Gyno


My name is Tom and I started training 4 years ago on age 18 because
I was extremely skinny. (60 kg , 1m 87)
After using food schedules I gained about 10 kg.

1 year ago ( feb 2013 ) I decided to do a steroid cycle after my jacked friend convinced me into it. Deca-Sustanon 400mg-500mg every week for about 7 weeks.

Although it was pretty stupid to do that cycle, I don’t regret it, I went from 68kg (149 lbs) to 86 kg (190 lbs). 11% BF
My PCT was crap since I only used nolvadex for a couple weeks. (which i figured out recently after doing some research).

Couple months ago, exactly 1 year after my first cycle, i noticed a small swollen gland under my right niple and it started to get sensitive when I touched it.
I went to doctor and had my bloodwork done, he told me it is a swollen gland due to steroid use, so gyno. It is really small and you can’t see it with your eyes. The docter said it will dissapear in couple of months and it’s nothing to really worry about.

Now I am wondering, would it be stupid to start a new cycle (deca-sust)
while having that small lump?
I did quit alot research the last weeks so I was planning on using arimidex during my cycle and also have letrozole on hand. for pct just nolva '4weeks) starting 1 week after last pin.

Can anyone give me some advice?
Please don’t go to harsh on me.


Just a suggestion I’m a little new to this AAS but you could try some letro. I just started 2.5mg ed and it has gone down quite a bit in only 3days. For future cycles just run a AI like adex to keep estrogen levels in check.

  1. Get blood work and check estrogen levels (might as well get prolactin too even though the Internet rumor mill about this is highly exaggerated)
    2a. If estrogen is high, add an AI accordingly
    2b. If prolactin is high, add a dopamine agonist
  2. Nolva 40 mg a day for a week then 20 mg a day until it’s gone

I had my bloodwork done and my estrogon was normal, although my prolactin was high but now it was going below 15 (normal).
Does prolactin exist because of high estrogon?

Yes i could try letro, doctor said it would go away anyway so.
Would it be bad to use adex and letro during cycle? or only letro during pct with nolva?