Need Help on Dosage Levels

I need some help on the amount of Clomid dosages I need. Right now, I am currently taking 50 mg a day for 3 weeks, then switching to 25 mg a day for a week. (50/50/50/25).

Is that a good dosage for someone who just went off of 500 mg of test a week?

Right now I am currently feeling depressed, low energy and my appetite feels suppressed. I also feel like I have no sex drive, and wondering why this is. Could anyone help?

Do not take 50mg/day. That practice is common, but wrong.

Has nothing to do with what dose of gear you were on, shut down is shut down and 100mg/week does that.

See stickies and PCT references in the 2nd post of the forum’s About the Pharma Category sticky.

You posted in the wrong forum.
If you break your HPTA, come back to T replacement.

Your dose is dependent on your tolerance. Too much clomid won’t hurt you but 50/50/50/25 is a long time at high dose.

I like a 6 week PCT personally. But if you want to stick to 1 month you could go as low as 50/25/25 12.5 and just keep going if your not fully functional. The key to AAS is trying to get your result with minimum amount of chems.

For a reference If I ran a Test 550 tren 450 bold 600 deca 250 for 5 months, my PCT would look like 50/50/25/25/12.5/12.5e2d