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Need Help on Cutting Diet/Drugs. Advice?


Hello everyone. I am currently around 20% body fat and around 215 upon waking. I am 6'1. I am planning to end my blast on January 1st.
I am currently on a gram of test (612.5mg test e and 350mg prop) and 420mg npp. I inject everything eod.

I am planning on cutting after my blast. However i have to cruise to give my body a nice deserved break. How should i transition from my bulk to my cut. And from my blast to my cruise? I am planning on cruising at around 300mg test e pw.

Also, i am planning on using test/tren for sure on my cut. What do you think about adding any of the following as well?:

I have used both T3 and clen in the past. Both at very high doses for prolonged periods of time. T3 made me a flat pancake on my bulk even at 25mcg ed. I used it to keep some fat off. However, i recently dropped it. What do you think off adding them on my cut?

Lastly, i am looking for a very effective diet. Something that will make me shed fat as fast as humanly possible. However, it would be good to keep my hard earned muscle and strength if possible. What would you guys recommend calorie wise and protein/fat/carbs wise. I am a fan of low carb diets. I can easily go without eating any carbs during my day and just consume ketones as energy (ketogenic diet).
Also, carb cycling i heard is effective as well. I have tried it with success during my recomp.

Also, how much cardio would you guys recommend?

And what do you guys think of using 1mg adex ed to harden up. I have done so in the past for 2months. And i looked extremely hard. Also libido was fine.

Anyways, i would love to heard opinions from you guys and what you have to say. Feel free to add anything i have not specified.


Cardio…clean diet…maybe a eca stack & weight training
eat high protien and lower carbs to 1g per lb

U dont need chems to drop weight


I’m blast and cruising, sorry forgot to mention that. So cycling is blasting on a cut is just a plus for me to help me look harder and to keep my hard earned muscle and strength.
I was thinking somethibg like this:
875 test
350 tren
80-100mg var switch to winnie week 6 50mg ed


525mg test
525mg tren
80-100mg var switch to winnie 50mg ed

And T3 start off dose 50mg split in two morning and night. With clen starting dose 40mcg a day and very slowly work my way up to use it throughout all my cut wihout a break with some ketotifen.

Diet thinking about ketogenic or carb cycling.

Any more opinions please?


525 test 525 tren 100mg var ed that will probably be what I blast next time I’m looking to drop some weight.

If your keen on clen t3 jump on it, its a well known combo. Iv never run it though. With a good diet you should be very happy with the results from this I know I would. I hate keto when I have no carbs I feel like shit carb cycling works well if your prepping but now days I just keep my cals low if I wanna drop some weight I eat 40/40/20 protein carbs fats


What’s 40/40/20 read it somewhere didn’t understand what it is. Is it like 40/40/20 per meal?


My diet is made up of roughly 40% protein 40% carbs 20% fats


I would like to chime in that I like masteron a lot. You can even run some amount during your cruise to stay dry, boost libido and positively impact estrogen activity.

I did a lengthy 14 week period of test/mast/Eq at a low 400/300/300 and was pretty happy leaning out with virtually no change to my diet other than a comfortable calorie reduction.

I’m of the opinion that dieting is best done gradually rather than aggressively and when done right feels effortless. With modest doses of milder compounds you can keep an edge, feel great and give your body a bit of a break while still staying on a solid block of time.


My cruise is usually 500mg. But that’s too high for me now. I’m probably better off with 300-400mg pw. I know 200-250 is probably the max I’d need. But i like having high test in my body. I feel better on it.

However, wouldn’t mast hinder some recovery during my cruise? I am trying to keep my acne to a low on my cruise. Will help bring my hope up with some clear skin. Mast is pure dht = acne. But again, it’s all dose dependant and depends how much and what i am running it with.

Assuming i run 300-400mg test e pw. How much mast would you suggest?
I know mast helps reduce sides of other drugs. But of course it’s accompanied with its own. Harsh on hair/prostates. I know tren is harsher than mast for hair loss so i can’t argue about hair loss on mast since I’ve ran tren several times already.

I’ve heard people running low dose var.
If I run mast i would have to run prop. Considering short 3weeks cruise. Than ill be throwing compounds like tren and var/winnie. Really wanna dry up and get that muscle and vascularity out.

Maybe you could shine into this more for me