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Need Help on CT Newb Article

Hi, I’m not a complete novice but I am a beginner. My goal is hypertrophy. I read the Berardi articles so im set with nutrition advice, but I’m still confused over training.

If it helps im 5’10, 18 years old.
i can
squat 150 (5 reps)
deadlift 160 (3 reps)
bench 120 (4 reps)
overhead press 80 (5 reps)

i tried to come up with a program based on Christian Thibaudeau “Training for Newbies” articles. im still confused and really need helps with this. i picked Ian King’s 10 ten mass maker exercises for my program.

Day 1: Quads dominant
Day 2: Pull (back, biceps, rear deltoids)
Day 3: Recovery
Day 4: Hips dominant
Day 5: Recovery
Day 6: Push (chest, triceps, deltoids)
Day 7: Recovery

Day 1: Olympic back squat, Lunge variation/or hack squat, leg extension
Day 2: Pull Up (on assist machine, can�??t do an actual pull up), Barbell Row, Barbell Curl
Day 4: Conventional Deadlift, Romanian deadlift, Calf raise
Day 6: Bench Press, Dips (assisted), overhead press, lateral raises, decline barbell triceps extension

Please help me, any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Hey, mate.

I was like you about 9 months ago in regards to strength and confusion. Aim for a 6 month period of getting stronger (not just bigger) and then reasses your goals of size.

Without going into detail - you’ve got squats, deads and bench in your program so you’re sweet in that regard! Much smarter than I was…

Goal = hypertrophy? Me too! But with yours and mine strength levels it would be best for both of us to increase our lifts! Stick with anywhere from 3 to 6 reps and lift as hard a possible. A 5x5 goal on all lifts would suit you (you’re a beginner - its gonna work for at least 6 months. After that don’t come to me for advice - I’m a n00b!)

Dips and Pullups - I too started on the assisted pullup machine - now I do pulls with 12.5kg and chins with 20kg attached! How? Get off the assisted machine NOW! Try as hard as you can and aim for one dip and one pullup each workout. You’ll get one in 4 weeks easy. Then focus on getting 2 then 6 then 10 then add some weight! In 6 months you’ll be dipping and pulling your own weight and then some. Can’t get even one? Try harder pussy! OK, seriously try negatives if that helps.

Summing up:

Do 5x5 on your lifts.
Increase the weights you lift over time.

Experiment and enjoy it!