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Need Help on a Starting Point

Where I was… 339 lbs at 28% Body fat

Where I am at now…293 at 25% Body fat

This is on 6 months of training. I lift Single body parts 5-6 days a week. I have found it has been a nice transition to what I was doing…College Lifting program (I used to play College Football). I am also doing HIIT 3times a week and duration cardio 3 days a week (not intense, more of a warm up and a good stretch for the day).

I was doing the Get Shredded diet. I know i should not have, but it was all laid out for me and easy to follow and it worked pretty nicely.

Now I want to bring my carbs back up, but still lose weight.

My Ultimate Goal is to walk around at 250-260lbs and be closer to 16-18% BF.

Can someone give me a good starting point for Macros to obtain this?

i will likely get ripped apart for this, but i would not waste time with macros and measuring out finite details. pick up gary taubes book good calories, bad calories. or read up on carb backloading. keep it that simple.

as for your workout. a split and you want to shed weight? sure you can, but why. most people want the most bang for your buck and IMO you just dont get that with a split. i mean where do you put a squat in a split? or a deadlift? farmers? swings? tire flips? those are big muscle builders and therefore calorie burners so i hope you are doing them. and try to add in some conditioning like sled drags.