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Need Help on a PCT for Prohormones


Hi im a new with prohormones and im about to take a halovar/e-pol (by purus labs) cycle for the next 6 weeks. I was planning on taking a 3 week pct with purus labs recycle. But I researched that the recycle isnt enough and doesnt act as a SERM. Would it be alright to use SSL estro xtreme which is Formestane (4-hydroxyandrostenedione) with the Purus Labs recycle? need some help with this.

Im 26, 5'7" 160 lbs.


There are two stickies at the top of the steroid forum. One is all you need to know about prohormones and the other is on SERM and AIs. Read them fully and then if you still have a question, start a new thread.


No point in AAS at 160lbs

read, learn, eat, lift, grow...when you get bigger maybe...
what are your stats?
bodyfat? years training? best squat, bench, deadlift, bentover row, OHP, ect...

In short, for PCT over the counter stuff does not cut it. PHs need a SERM for PCT...

Also, if you want help, lay out your cycle.. I could tell you I am taking test and dbol, but that tells you nothing without mentioning the doses...