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Need Help NCAA Athlete

delicate question, bare with me and hear me out all the way thru

i am an ncaa jumper/short sprinter.

i have made it to the ncaa regionals but keep coming up short.
i have excellent coaching, teammates, diet, recovery methods, everything is in order.

i need an edge. i want to be able to improve my strength, speed and power to drastic levels.

however i need to be clean when it counts (drug tests!!)

what steroids are going to offer me enough clearing time to not test positive in the winter.

Im looking to use steroids at the start of summer and have enough to not test positive in the winter time.

from Charlie Francis:
“The accepted clearance time for Winstrol in 1988 was three days for the oral form and 14 days for the injectable form (Winstrol-V or Strombaject). Ben was 28 days clear, yet the parent compound was found. The parent compound has a life expectancy of 45 minutes to one hour after administration”

---------------TWO THINGS-------------------

***i do not want to take anything that is androgenic.

***i need the best bang for the buck but i need CLEARANCE TIME

thanks to anyone that can help with this!

Don’t mean to highjack your forum but I am in a similar situation and would like to know this also but I am a incoming freshmen to college and playing football and would appreciate it if you could let me know if they when they test you.

I am thinking of doing another cycle but I have to report to football camp soon and am not sure if I will be tested or not.

Also if you get a test with a short lasting ester then you should be fine for testing. I was curious about other roids.

i would be open to short lasting esters.

this might be what im looking for.

what are some examples…are they worth it…whose tried them

im in pursuit of STRENGTH, POWER and SPEED not muscle size (more the last two)

i am 22 years old and entering my senior year

i need some advice

i also have a chance to make it to the 2012 Olympics if i can improve my long jump by ONE foot!!

football off seasons might be too short for what im looking for.

Test prop is your best bet for test. I have a question for you though…When do they drug test you? Beggining of season? Middle? Random? I need to know because I am playing football this year and don’t want to get screwed over because my cycle goes into the beggining of football…

I would worry about any advice you get here. Supposedly deca can be detected up to a year after use and it’s half life is only 12 days or something. You need to be REALLY careful. From what I understand most athletes in the NCAA simply can not dope.

You need to get 2nd 3rd and 4th opinions from people that are up to date and experienced.

Well you havent been around the NCAA much because shitloads of football players juice. The only tests they give you I think are before the 2nd round of the playoffs, but thats D3. SO if youre in D3 and your team sucks you dont get tested. are you D1,2,3,? they all test at different times.Just ask one of your coaches who seems cool about it. Theres gotta be one.

Simply put here are your options:


Anavar/Stanazonal but I would reccomend Anavar. Winny got a good name cause Ben Johnson used it but really if you ask Charlie Francis they preferred Test and anavar by far.

Peptides like IGF1 and MGF are affordable and work well and cannot be tested for.

Personally keep 2 things in mind. You don’t need large dosses like Bodybuilders who strive for large mass require.

Test Prop and Test Suspension…will clear fast.

I use Test Prop off season and Test sus in season 4-5 week cycles with low dosses. I run Igf 1 and MGF for 4-6 weeks at a time. an extra 50-100mg of test a week can really improve recovery and performance especially over time.

In my experience athletes tend to use way too much gear. Less is more. Also, the testing is getting much better. Be prepared for some positives at Pan Ams and other major sporting events this year. Anything pushing 3 weeks now for clearance is more like 6 weeks with the tests the IOC uses.

Small amounts of test with peptides is the way to go and if you have the cash GH 2iu’s per day will be good but I feel the same recovery benefits can be accomplished using IGF1 IMHO


I play D2 and I am a freshmen so I don’t want to be like “So am I going to get tested when I get there?”

This is what really should be considered for Performance athletes:

A gradulal increase in strength and recovery is preferential. Using a bunch of gear that requires AI’s and PCT (Which do not clear fast) and getting too big and too strong too fast is dangerous.

As a performance athlete you are not sculpting the physique in the same way a BB is. You will often push the body to and past the limit. Hence, recovery (and maximization of) is the key here.

4-5lbs of muscle on a jumper/sprinter is a big (huge) help. Especially if such gains are the result of a long term program. Test suspension on low dosses will clear in 2 days easily. Test Prop a little longer. Staying under the 4:1 ratio of test:epitest is slightly trickier but at the dosses I’m thinking of most will be under.

If the tests are like when I was NCAA they are a joke. They are random but your school knpws when they are showing up in advance (just have to find out who knows) and they only test a few random names. Once they test yu are fine.

I think, “What are the best drugs to use?”, isn’t the question you need to be asking right now. That’s the easy part. More than likely the question you need to first ask yourself is “What drugs can I obtain?” That’s the hard part.

these cant be androgenic.

does test prop and suspension need PCT??

i do not want to undergo pct if i dont have to.

thanks a lot for your help so far smug.

what do u recommend specifically.??

The link to steroid.com is a good start but keep in mind these are outdated guidlines.

Let me be clear I would not take anything other than test (and maybe anavar). I know personally and through my own research athletes who have been busted on orals well past the clearance time listed on sites like steroid.com so I stay away from it.

Using Test Prop and Suspension is the best way to go but Suspension is much better. You would not need PCT at the dossages I take since you need no where near the amount a BB looking to pack on mass needs.

I reccomend doing 2 things:

First, read up on Test suspension and Prop because if you need to ask whether they are are androgenic you still have a way to go before you inject or swallow pills.

Second, Go to your sports federations website if you do track that would be www.iaaf.org or com. Go to the anti doping website look at the positives test results…this will give you a good idea of what to take and what not to take.

I will state this again…manipulating test levels ever so slightly will give you great results if as you wrote your diet and training and recovery are sufficient.

Test and Peptides are what I use and I am subject to strict testing even unannounced.

GH was an option but as I said IGF gives as good if not better recovery for a fraction of the price.

You can PM me about dossing as this differs for everyone and for different training methods.

I hope this helps…research more