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Need Help! Muscle Gain/Fat Loss


Brand new to this site, i was reccomended here, was wondering iff anyone could give me some tips. im 6'0", and i weigh roughly 190lbs. i have a lot of weight in my legs. i played soccer for 14 years, and my legs are very hard. what i need is to tone up my chest/arms, which arent so nice.

i also want to lose between 10-15 lbs by june. im running 1 1/2 miles daily, and doing some sit-ups, curls/ bench presses with smaller weights, 60 for the bench press, 20 for arm curls, all 3 sets of 25. so without writing a book, i need tips and reccomendations to tone up my chest and lose some weight in my gut. thanks in advance, Andy


This is what I would do:

1.Mon: low rep weighted sit-up, Wed: low rep side bends, Fri: low rep russian twist.
2. Mon:Heavy bench presses and rows for low reps.
3. Thurs: Heavy dips and pull/chin ups for low reps.
4. Cut out the running.

By heavy I mean put on your 5 rep max and do CW's 3reps x 10sets on monday. And put on your 7 rep max and do Ian King's 5reps x 5sets on thursday for upper body. Rotate every week. For abs, same as above put throw in a (9rep max) 7rep x 4set, since you have 3 different moves hitting all 3 areas of the abs.

Best of luck,



can i ask why? i figured it would be a great way for me to lose some weight


can i ask why i should cut out the running? i thought it would be a good way to lose some weight


oops, I thought your post said 1 1/2 hours a day, not 1 1/2 miles. Forget what I said about the running, it only 12-15 min (6-7 1/2 min mile).It shouldnt hinder with it.


It IS a great way to lose weight. The problem is that most of it will likely be muscle weight. When you lose muscle, your metabolism goes down and your bodyfat % goes up.

So running is fine, but stay mostly with short distance sprints as opposed to distance running. This approach will help to preserve muscle while helping you to increase matabolic rate, burn calories, etc.


I would check out Vrooms beginners thread and start from there...